Magic Guide Levels 1-99

This guide will get you to level 99 magic in RuneScape before you know it. Just a warning now though you will NOT get any hitpoint experience from this guide.

Magic Levels 1-25


Water staff

1000 body runes

2000 earth runes

For levels 1-3 use air strike on chickens or something once you get to level 3 just use confuse all the way to level 25 you could use confuse on any monster you want.

For levels 25- 31


200 law runes

Air staff

200 fire runes

Until you get to level 31 cast Varrock teleport. Teleports are the easiest way to earn experience from magic.

Levels 31-37


300 law runes

300 earth runes

Air staff

Just cast Lumbridge teleports until level 37.

Magic 37-45


500 law runes

500 water runes

Air staff

Once again another teleport spell. This time you are going to be casting Falador teleports

Magic levels 45-55


700 law runes

Air staff

Ok last teleport right here all you need to do is cast Camelot teleport until you get to level 55

Magic levels 55-66


Fire Staff

Nature runes

Useless junk

Until you get to level 66 use the high level alchemy hopefully you can continue to buy runes when you need them from the money you make off of alchemy.

Ok last step until you get to level 99 magic and go get that skill cape. You need to Charge air orbs now all the way to 99 magic.


300 cosmic runes

100 air orbs

Air staff

Charged glory

Once you get to level 99 magic you can put those runes and staffs down and celebrate because now you can go get the skill cape of magic. *crowd starts clapping and cheering* Congratulation Mr./Ms. (fill in name here) you have gotten 99 magic yay!

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  1. Posted January 23, 2010 at 6:33 pm

    Ill try it.

  2. xaxa
    Posted March 29, 2010 at 3:51 pm

    Well i have 99 magic, look me up -xaxa, but air orbs r the worst mage xp imaginable, i alched to 99, but casting stun on dummies is intense xp, and with sc hats it can reach 150k xp p/h.

    I also suggest barraging rock lobsters for charms, this gets great xp too. For the more patient of you do battlemage, e.g casting fire bolt with chaos gauntlets at steel drags.

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