Making Real Money From RuneScape

Make real $ by selling RS gold Free Trade is back!

Jagex has announced that they will bring back ‘Free Trade’

What is free trade? It is where you can trade any amount of gold or items for anything or nothing, with no restrictions whatsoever. Before Jagex implemented the free-trade restrictions, ‘gold farmers’ (people who sell Runescape gold for actual money) would make anywhere from $2-$7 per million gp. Now that free trade is back, YOU CAN TOO! 


First of all, you need to have GP to sell it for real money. Feel free check out my guide on Grand Exchange merchanting to learn how to make millions of gp merchanting on the GE:

Now that you’ve read that guide and have millions upon millions of GP, it’s time to make some real money. 

$1-5 a million may seem a bit low, but keep in mind that 1. You’re exchanging real money for virtual money, which is pretty sweet. and 2. If you’ve read my merchanting guide, you know that the more GP you have, the more GP you make merchanting. 

Let’s say you have 100M of RS GP saved up. Well, if you sell this at $2 per M you’re making $200. Not to bad for playing video games is it?

Quick summary:


Got it?

How you sell: 

There are many different places you can go to sell your RS Gold, but do note that you have to be very careful about who you do your business with. Find a trusted member on a forum with many ‘vouches’. Vouches simply mean that person has traded with other people successfully, and the other people have vouched that he will not scam you. 

It is easy to get scammed out of your hard earned GP, so be on the lookout for shady characters, and stick to well known or respected buyers. 

The two forums I would recommend for selling your RS gold are:

Sythe is a huge Runescape marketplace that has been around for a very long time. Make a free account and start trading! You would be well advised to read posts by moderators on how to avoid being scammed. (SRL Forums)

SRL Forums is a website that was originally created for Runescape autoing, however they have a marketplace for RS Gold trades that you can buy/sell gold on.


I hope this has helped you, now go make some money playing video games!

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