Mining and Smithing Guide for Runescape

Helps for mining and smithing.

LVL 1-15

If you?re a lower level, the best thing to do is to start

out with mining. In the beginning, I suggest that you mine 389 tin and 389

copper and you save this in your bank. Once you achieve this, you will be

a high enough level to mine iron. I also suggest that you do Doric?s quest

which will give you a head start in this guide.

LVL 15-30

From here, you are going to need to have a lot of patience, because this

is where you will be mining for the next 50 LEVELS! Although mining iron

can be a tedious task, it will benefit you greatly. The reason that I do not

suggest mining coal at level 30 or anywhere after that is because coal is a

very profitable business and many very high level players like the profit.

You will have a very hard time getting a full inventory due to competition.

Once you are a level 55 to 65 mining, I suggest that now you mine coal.

Or for better experience, you can try mining for mithril ore at this point. If

you banked all the iron, you should have about 12,772 iron. That?s worth

1,277,100 gp!! But if you want to make a lot more money, I suggest that

you wait and keep that iron in your bank.

In between, you should buy the

pickaxes that you can wield because this will help you out a lot! Buy a

rune pickaxe from Nurmof. Otherwise, buy it from other players in just

about every bank but if I were you, I would just buy it from Nurmof just to

save time. If you buy it from Nurmof, then you should have about 12,452

iron left(if you had to sell your iron). You could also power mine ore which

just means to drop the ore that you mine. Do this if you want to be able to

get to the required level to 1 hit coal or mine other ores such as gold,

mithril, addy, or the granddaddy of them all. RUNE. If you can make it to

rune then you will be making millions of gp just for mining. For example,

one runite ore will sell for 12,000 gp.

It will take about 12-24 minutes for it

to respawn. If you go from world to world, then you will be able to mine a

full inventory in roughly 30 minutes(or less). 12,0000 gp times 28(for each

ore in each inventory slot) is 336,000 gp. You can make 1 mil in an hour

and a half! Otherwise, you can keep on mining coal ore because it will get

you lots of money. Once you get to level 60, you should be able to get into

the mining guild and mine the rocks there. If you are going to mine coal

anywhere it should be there. If you want to mine coal at a lower level like

30, I suggest you go to 1 of 2 places.

The first place is in the shortcut to Edgeville dungeon on the other side of

the river of Barbarian village. You will need a brass key to get in. Once

you get in, you will see Hill Giants and skeletons. Follow the skeletons until

you reach the hobgoblins. When you get past the hobgoblins, you should

see all the ores, there are three iron, three silver, six coal, two tin, two

copper, one mithril, and two adamantite ores OR, you could go to the

Dwaren Mines and mine iron and coal there. The dwarves mines , by itself,

has 9 iron rocks and 11 coal rocks-besides the mining guild. At this point,

if you need to get to level 65, keep on mining.

Once you get to level 65,

You can either, (1). Sell your iron and keep the money that you would get

(if you want to make serious money, I won?t suggest this,) or (2) is that

you can stop mining iron and mine twice as much coal for the next part of

the guide, which is 25,544 coal. This will get you to a level 76 mining level

so you can mine adamantite. If doing all this work is too boring for you,

just wait until the next guide and see if the amount of money you can

make will change your mind! Also, if you still think you couldn?t possibly do

this, just mine 100 iron and 200 coal and wait for the next part of the

guide. If you would like to keep on going by mining other ores, then you

can also mine gold, which sells for 350 to 400 ea, mithril ore, which sells

for 300 to 400 ea, adamantite ore, which sell about 1k ea, or Rune? 12-

15k. Otherwise, the next part of the guide will put the mining guide into

good use and make all this mining worth while!


This guide is intended to level you up in your smithing level and

make money. First of all, the one thing I suggest is that you do The

Knight?s sword quest. This quest will get you 12,725 exp! This will give you

a huge advantage. It will get you from level 1 to 29 smithing! Go to a

tutorial like the one on RuneHQ If you don?t want to do it yourself. If you

start out with 0 xp, then it should take you about 389 smelted bronze bars

after it to get to level 15.

After that start smelting some iron ore until you

get to level 30 smithing- which is where the guide begins. The problem

with this is that you may only have a 50/50 chance of successfully

smelting the bars. You might even have to have 2x as much ores, but if

you mined the ore in the other guide, 104 iron shouldn?t be hard to get.

After you get to level 30, you should try to smith steel bars. If you only

want the experience and some money still, then you should mine about 1k

iron and if you have the level, 2k coal. If you think this is easy, think

again, because it?s harder than it looks! It took me about a month a long

time ago when I had 50 mining! If you have time, I suggest you try to get

as much as you can.

If you dont, you could use the 100 iron and 200 coal

and smelting it into 100 steel bars. If you buy it, it will only cost 40,000(if

you buy the coal for 150 ea and 100 ea). If you buy the coal for 180 ea,

(most common selling price-will take less time to find a seller) it will cost

about46,000 gp. There isn?t much of a difference, so if you have enough

money, I suggest buying the coal for 180 ea. When you have this much

you will get only 1 level, but you will make a 50% profit when you sell the

bars for 600 to 650 ea. That means that you will sell the 100 bars for 60k-

65k. Once you have a certain amount of money this is the equation that I

use when I was smithing.

(Your money)divided by 21 x 5 divided by 100=(iron)

(Your money)divided by 32 x 16 divided by 180=(coal)

(*Note this is when you buy coal for 180 ea)

If you buy coal for 150 ea, this is it.

(your money) divided by 20 x 5 divided by 100=(iron)

(your money) divided by 20 x 15 divided by 150=(coal)

This math problem really works whenever you want to buy as much coal

and iron you want with a specific amount of money that you have. This

will always get as 2x as much coal as you have iron to get steel bars. Most

of the time if you do the equation to find out how much coal and iron you

can buy, it probably wont be even on a calculator or on paper. It might

come out as


45953!( if your calculator goes out that long!) What to do when this

happens is to just get 345 iron or coal and when you finish out with getting

what you need you?ll probably have money left over(probably less than

1k). Once you get the hang of this, you?ll start getting more and more

levels each time you buy, smelt and, sell.

Always smelt in Al Kharid

because it is closest bank and furnace in nonmembers Runescape(and

members worlds too I think) Many times, I used to hear a lot of people

say that making a profit from steel plates is a good business. Even if you

get to the level where you can make steel plates, if you want to make

money, stick to the steel bars. Why? Because 1 steel plate takes 5 steel

bars to make and sells for 1k ea. Even if you use the spell high alchemy

on these plates, you will still only get 1,200 gp. If you sold all those steel

bars you used to make the plates, then you would have made 3k.


more tip for steel bar selling, you should only sell for about 600-650 ea-

NO LESS. The best time( and sometimes only time) to achieve this is GMT

time 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.(9:00 to 11:00 Central Time). This is where the

most people are on in Runescape ESPECIALLY on Saturday. This is where

it is almost impossible to get to world 1 or 3. But if you want to sell your

bars, then I suggest you go to 1 of these 2 worlds, but if you can?t try to to

get into world 4 or 5. If you want to get your level up, I suggest you keep

on trying to smelt steel bars until you get to level 48 smithing. Then, you

can smith steel plates.

If you wanted to, you could start smithing war

hammers. You would get the same experience! But with steel plates, you

can actually get about half of your money back. It is nearly impossible to

sell any other steel armor or weapon, that is why I suggest making bars

until you get to level 48, if you smith steel bars, you will have 2,388,600

gp from buying, smelting and selling those steel bars. Just buy some bars

for 550 ea until you run out of money-which will be at 4,342 bars. Smith

these into plates, and you will get 162,750 exp which is when you will

become a level 58 smithing.

At this point, you can stop and start making

mith bars or you can continue to buy steel bars and smithing them into

plates. If you don?t? want to waste your money, then you can mine your

own iron and coal and smelt them into bars, and then into steel bars. You

will get more exp, but it will take you a long time to mine it. So, I

recommend that you just buy the bars instead. At this time, you can take

a break from the steel bars and go on to mithril. Start mining mithril ore in

the dwarves mines or Edgeville mine. Get a good amount, and start

mining 4x as much coal. Then start smelting. Run when coming back with

bars, walk when going to the furnace with ores because ores are heavier

than bars. When smelting steel, take 18 coal and 9 iron. When smelting

mithril, take 5 mithril, and 20 coal. When you get to smelt addy, after a

long time, you will probably have a lot of money and can probably start

your own business. How? Start by posting on Runescape forums like this

one that you are interested in hiring smelters and/or miners. State your

price, and leave it there. Make sure you leave the way you want to be

contacted by in-game chat or whatever.

Then, state the specific time you

will be on to collect the bars and/or ores. If you want to buy ores-just buy

them! If you want to hire smelters, then make sure you say that the hiree

must already have the amount of steel bars that he wishes to trade. Then

you will give 2 coal and 1 iron ore any other ores you need for other bars,

and you will pay them whatever amount of coins for working to smelt the

bars(I.e 100 coins per bar, 50 coins per bar, 200 coins per bar etc.) Once

you have this set up, you will be making mony without even having to

actually do any work. Make sure you have a lot of workers. Plus you might

want to set a deadline for how much work should be done like ___

numbers of bars needs to be done every week.

Well, I hope this guide was helpful!

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