Mining Guide 1-99 RuneScape

Fast and efficient mining tips.

Mining Guide 1-99

Level 1-15: Mine tin near varrock, bank if you want too. You will need 134 to get level 15. It takes 2,411 XP.

*** Training Tip *** Copper works just as well.

level 15 – 60: Mine Iron Ore: You need 271,331 XP from level 15 to level 60. This takes 7,800 Iron ore. Banking will be atleast 2x Slower but will net you about 2 million. I find varrock on a member world nice as there is no one there and 3 rocks close together.

*** Training Tip *** Banking is never as fast but will net you some nice profit.

Method 1: Carry on power mining iron all the way to 99, this will take roughly 400,000 Iron which will net you about 100,000,000 Gp

*** Training Tip *** ALWAYS Use the best pick axe available to you IT helps greatly, a pick axe from stealing creation can provide a 100% experience bonus so it might be worth looking into.

Method 2: Granite is mined in the desert, if mining Granite it is best not to bank it as you will need lots of water and desert robes to maintain mining here for any length of time. It will take between 170,000-260,000 Granite ore for level 99.

*** Training Tip *** Granite ore is one of the fastest methods of training Mining

Method 3: The Mining Guild: In the mining guild there are 37 coal rocks and 5 mithril rocks, the mining guild is located in Faldor and is available for free members. It can be very fast exp at higher levels and there is a bank close by, that means you can bank and make money.  It will take about 260,000 coal and net you around 80 million gP

Well thats it for my quick mining guide, hope you enjoy.

This is another Authentic Skill Guide by Villescrubs

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