Money Making F2P RuneScape 2012 (Part 2)

Some ways to make money in the MMORPG’s runescape.
Easier and faster ways to make cash f2p
Part two of the guide.
Part one :

Now, this is my guide to make money in runescape 2012, for f2p (part 2)

Anchovy’s pizza : 

  • 240 gp/hour, depending variation of price in the game
  • Fast
  • Upgrade your cooking level in same time
  • See quickly the results
  • 180 hp eating ( for futures fights )

Anchovy pizza can be made at level 55 Cooking. It is made by using tomato (first) and cheese on a pizza base to obtain an uncooked pizza, then cooking it on a range or a Large oven, and, add anchovies. All pizzas are eaten in two bites. Further toppings can be added at higher Cooking levels. The steps are called :

1. Pizza base ;

2. Incomplete pizza ;

3. Uncooked pizza ;

4. Pizza/Burnt Pizza.

5. Add anchovies

As all other foods, higher cooking levels allow a lower burnt/success ratio while making plain pizza. However, they can still be burned at levels as high as 67.

Pizzas are less popular than other foods due to the fairly long amount of time needed to make them, and the fact that they have to be eaten in two bites. However, they often heal far more than other foods that require the same cooking level.

Pies : 

  • Until 500k gp and +/hour ! 
  • Really Quickly 

Buy 1800 (or more) pastry dough and pie dishes. Position yourself at a one-click bank such as the Bank Chest in Al-Kharid Duel Arena, Clan Wars, First of Guthix … One-click banks make it faster to bank your items and give you faster access to your bank. ” One-Click ” means everything ! 

Withdraw 14 Pie Dishes and 14 Pastry Dough. Use a Pastry Dough with a Pie Dish.


Right click it and select “Make All”

You will see that the Pie Dishes in your inventory are combining with Pastry Dough to make Pie Shells. Once they all turn into Pie Shells, bank them, and withdraw the next 14 Pie Dishes and Pastry Dough.

Making 14 Pie Shells, banking them, and then withdrawing the next 14 Dough and Dishes takes 25 seconds . That means you can create 1800 pie shells per hour. With profit you will make, re-buy others pies dishes and pastry dough for make again more cash. Seriously a good way to make cash on a manners easy ! 

Red Berries collecting : 

  • 100k/hour
  • 350 – 365 Red berries/hour
  • Requirement : 25 magic, law runes, airs runes, fire staff 
  • Optional : explorer’s ring

Location of red berries :


Procedure :

1. Start off by selecting two low populated worlds (my selections boxed in red below). It helps to arrange the world-list by players (also boxed in red below). Make sure you remember the two worlds you select. You can select these two worlds as your “favorite” worlds.

2. Choose one world and make sure someone else isn’t occupying that world. Start by quickly picking the 4 red-berries located south of Varrock.

3. Use your Explorer Ring to teleport to the cabbage patch near Draynor. Run to the Draynor Pig pen (route shown below) and pick up the 2 red-berries there.

4. Now switch worlds. It should take you 45 seconds to switch worlds. As soon as you log into this second world that you selected earlier, pick the two berries available here at Draynor.

5. Teleport to Varrock and run to the red-berries located south of varrock (red route in the map below). Pick the four red-berries from here.

6. Now you should switch back to the previous world you were in. Since nearly 100 seconds, the red-berries will have grown back in the world you started at.

7. The rest is simple : repeat the process 1 to 6. The cash will follow. 

Profit and selling :  It takes 15 seconds to collect the 6 red-berries, and 45 seconds to switch worlds. So you are essentially collect 6 red-berries per minute. That means you are collecting 360 (6 per minute x 60 minutes/hour) red-berries per hour.

You just sell the red-berries at G-M. 

Thank you for reading and good luck in your way to make cash in runescape. Enjoy ! Part 1 :

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    is dis por members only pleese answore fastly!

  2. Posted March 9, 2012 at 12:57 pm

    As it is written in the title, it is not member methods for players. (F2P)
    Thanks you for reading !

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