Monster Grinding in RuneScape

A short guide on monster grinding in Runescape.

Monster grinding in Runescape

Grinding mobs is quite popular amongst Runescapers, but can be boring. So how can you make the grinding a bit more interesting?


Plan everything you will do, so you don’t get surprises. Get some food (if needed), gear up correctly, clear up your inventory (if needed). Do some research on the monsters you’ll grind. Where do they spawn the most? Is the place close to the bank? Are there any other monsters that are hostile? Is that place popular amongst other people? All of the information needs to be gathered for smooth grinding.

If you’re going grinding you must devote some time into it, so prepare the timing as well. Make sure you can stay on the computer for some time and will not need to go somewhere else.

Most people dislike grinding because of the lack of fun. But there are some simple ways to make the gaming more interesting.

This is what I do (not all at once though):

-Disable the music in Runescape

-Get my own music to play

-Chat with a friend via instant messaging

-Turn on the TV (if possible to watch it)

-Do small tasks near the computer while keeping an eye on the grinding

This makes the grinding more enjoyable (if you don’t need constant attention to the game)

Another thing to ease the grinding is getting some help with it. A friend (a good one) could easily help you fend off the higher level monsters. But even with a friend, keep some attention to your HP, monsters can sometimes get a few good hits on you.

There is one more thing, which I don’t recommend doing: botting.

Botting is easy with a good bot, requires almost no attention and pretty much let’s you do whatever you want in the mean time. The thing is, BOTS ARE ILLEGAL in Runescape. People get banned for them, because they get carried away (keeping the on bots for insanely long times and etc.) Botting is possible without getting banned, but I don’t recommend that. It’s also a great way to get a few viruses into your system which is never a good thing.

Remember, a game’s purpose is to be fun and entertaining, so grinding should be as much fun as possible.

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