New Fastest Range XP-Hour Ever (Better Then Using Chins)

A guide on how to get to 99 range very quickly.

Here is a guide on the fastest range xp per hour. It is a combination of chimping and another method.

This guide will work better the more range you have but i suggest startingat level 70-80. This will however cost a lot of money costing up to 1mill an hour.

Quest requirements: Dwarf cannon, Monkey madness, Horror from the deep(optional), Recepee for disaster(optional).

Level requirements: 70 range,43 pray and have 42 attack, defence, hitpoints, strength and magic (void armor)

What to wear

(r)= recommended

note: for the fastest experiance you will need to have full void

Head slot: Void knight helm(range)(r), robin hood hat, armadyl helmet, archer’s helm

Neckwear slot: Amulet of glory, Amulet of power, Amulet of Fury(r), guthix stole

Cape slot: Ava’s accumulator(r), Ava’s Attractor

Ammo slot: nothing(r)

Weopon slot: Red chinchompas(r)

Body slot: Void knight top(r), armadyl chestplate, Black d’hide body

Shield slot: Unholy Book(r), Granite shield

Legwear slot: Void knight robes(r), armadyl plateskirt, black d’hide chaps

Hand slot: Void knight gloves(r), Barrows gloves

Footwear slot: Ranger boots(r), snakeskin boots

Ring slot: Archer’s ring(i)(r), Archer’s ring, ring of life, ring of wealth


2 range potions, all of the Dwarf Multicannon parts, 5000 cannonballs, varrock tele-tab, monkey gree-gree, 16 super restore potions(or prayer potions), 3 pieces of food.

The Training

Teleport or go to ape atoll. Go down to the cave and go to the part with the skeletons(see a chinning guide for more details). Finally when there put on protect from melee and eagly eye(optional). Now for the part of the guide that will almost double your experiance. Set up your cannon and put it so it will be both next to you and in the middle of the skeletons so that it will fire rapidly. Take a range potion and start firing your cannon along with throwing your chinchompas. This should  give you rapid experiance (up to 500k an hour at level 98) and you should be at level 99 in a couple of weeks!

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  2. Spiritax
    Posted May 23, 2010 at 11:39 am

    i thought you could not use cannon there…

  3. monty
    Posted December 29, 2010 at 1:09 pm

    Wouldn’t it be better if you wore a salve amulet as there skeletons and there undead so you get 10% more damage on them thus gaining more experience.

  4. dushine
    Posted January 5, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    No, The amulet works only when you are Meleeing…

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