Old school 07 Runescape Mage Training Guide

My updated RuneScape magic training guide for free players. This guide shows you how to get a high magic level in RuneScape in free worlds. For pures and mains.

So you have just gotten off tutorial island or you just don’t know how to train your magic level. Don’t despair, read this guide and find out how to train magic!

First of all, do the following quests : Imp Catcher and Witch’s Potion. These quests will give you some magic exp which will get you a couple of those early levels. In additon, you can also do the rune mysteries quest which will allow you to make your own runes, which is useful and profitable after level 44, but not necessary.

Now you need some money. The best way to make money for low levelers is to bank cowhides and bones at the gnomecopters north or the lumbridge windmill. Once you have a decent number of bones and/or cowhides, sell them at the gran exchange which is northwest of Varrock West Bank. After you have about 10-25k cash, go back to the Grand Exchange (GE) and buy the following: Full iron set, blue magic robes, blue skirt, wizard hat, and a staff.

Now you have everything you need to gain some serious levels! So head over to Fist of Guthix (north of Varrock around level 6 wilderness) and go through the tutorial. The reason you want to do Fist of Guthix is because this mini game provides you the runes for ANY spell you may want to cast and therefore it is FREE XP. In order to maximize your xp, you will wear full amour set with a staff wielded so you can autocast the spell you will use. This will be your method of training: as the hunter autocast the highest level spell you can cast and attack your target. Since you will wear full iron, you will most miss, but still get xp for casting and your hunter will be happy to give you xp in exchange for a free win for them. When you are getting hunted, just use the exit tunnel or wear nothing and let you opponent quickly kill you. Although this is overall the best experience in free world until level 55, you might soon get bored of this. If so then read the next part of this guide!

My other preferred method method of traingin mage is maging certain monsters. To do this, first make enough money (with cowhides) and then buy runes required. When maging monsters, always wear full wizard robes plus a staff so you hot the monsters more often and therfore receive more xp and value from your runes. Once you reach level 55 mage (finally), you can use high alchemy, which many people use to get 99 mage. You will need about 200k high alches. If you can afford it, go buy 200k nature runes, a fire staff and items that pay for themselves when you alche them. I suggest using green d’hide bodies. Remember to alch with a friend so as to not get bored and get 99 mage!

So there is my guide for training mage. If you enjoyed this guide, read my other guides by clicking on my name and click on the chosen link and tell everyone you know.

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  1. arrow lubber
    Posted October 2, 2008 at 11:00 am

    Once you get ancient magicks a good way to train mage is doing Pest Control. Cast the spells that do damage to all of them in a 3×3 block on large clusters of monsters and you can get loads of exp per round, especially if you wait until the brawlers block up 15 – 30 monsters around a gate (which happens frequently on the worlds that have fewer players). You receive xp for casting the spell plus 2 magic xp for every damage point inflicted. The most damage I’ve done in a single round is 1,600 using ice burst. That’s around 3,500 xp for a single round, folks. Plus you can spend your points on further mage XP (wait til you get 100 points to get the 10% XP bonus)

  2. ipwnu4me
    Posted January 9, 2009 at 6:36 pm

    this was made on my birthday lol

  3. sir hither
    Posted January 19, 2009 at 6:28 pm

    hey this guide is ok bthere is 1 for members. use the ok guide until 45 mage then buy or craft tons of law runes and start rapidly teleporting to camalot(have a air staff equipped) once ur out of laws just make some money by woodcutting or fishing or mining.then once u get 55 mage u can hi alch many things and always alch with friends =]

  4. juelsantana9
    Posted January 20, 2009 at 3:32 pm


  5. lol o meter
    Posted May 8, 2009 at 6:05 am

    when fist of guthix didnt exist, i had to train mage the hard way, and i spent like 1 mil on my runes
    and got up to lvl 53 mage in 17 days

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