Oldschool RuneScape Money Making

Some tips on making money in rs07.

So you started playing the Runescape old school servers and don’t know what to do?

Well for starters you are going to want to figure out what skills you are going to be using. I for example, am using mining and smithing. There if you didn’t know already most money skills have partner skills that you can train along with them such as woodcutting and fletching, mining and smithing, fishing and cooking. 

Now if you like you can choose to just do one and just sell the raw materials or the other way were you buy the raw materials and sell the completed product.  Out of the two if you choose not to do both at the time I would suggest doing the skill that gets the raw materials, as you will rely less on the market to get your level up and can just keep getting more materials to sell.

Once you have decided what you will be using to make your money look what is making the most gold for the effort. Now this of course can take to some math to figure out and it will also change depending on how the market changes. Currently I’m mainly making gold and steel bars and selling the gold bars and using the steel bars to further train my smithing.

After you start getting material/product to sell you have a couple of options on finding people to sell to.

You can go to one of the trade worlds and sit at the west or eastern vorrock bank and spam what you are selling and hope someone finds you, or you can look for someone who is spamming that they are buying what you are selling.   (personally I don’t really like this method as it can be time consuming and can end up not getting desired results.

Go to trading clan chats and look for buyers there. (less spam so better then the first option, but there are also less people so they both have their pros and cons)

  Go on to the forums and make a post looking for people to sell to.

Now after you do find a buyer I try to keep that buyer and pretty much only sell to him as long as he is paying well. This not only makes selling easier in the future but you also can make friends which make playing all the better.

Now there are also other skills that don’t really work the same as the money skills such as Theiving and Slayer.  These are a bit more direct then the money skills as they don’t require as much setting up for say smithing where you have to get the materials first.  Though for slayer it can take a while before you can get to the good slayer monsters as some of the slayer tasks can take quite a while depending on your combat level.

Well that’s all I have to say about that. Good luck and make sure you always triple check the trade screen before accepting!

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