P2p Strength Pure Guide

Runescape Strength Pure Guide.

Here’s a guide I’ve created to help you get 1-99 strength.

First off some tips:

1. Always try to max out you’re strength bonus it will make training a lot faster.
2. Always buy bulk food ahead of time saves much banking time.
3. Try not to take breaks while training it will only slow you down.
4. Listen to music while training.
5. When afking do sit ups or push ups to stay in shape (guide at end of guide.)

Now for the guide!

Here you’re going to want to train on chickens. You can collect feathers if you want for extra cash and they always drop them.
Always drops- Raw chicken, Bones, Feathers.

Here you’re going to want to train on cows. These npc’s are pretty good for money making because they drop cow hide’s that are over 100gp each! That’s 2.8k a load.
Always drops- Raw beef, Cowhides, Bones

Here is where training starts to get a bit boring and long but don’t worry it will be worth it. You’re going to want to go train on Monitors. These monsters are great xp at this level and they drop loads of iron arrows which can be used to train range later on or just sell them.

This is where you have to concentrate and you can be semi-afk. From 30-40 and higher levels you’re going to want to train on rock crabs. These level 13 buggers have 50hp. That’s 200 exp per kill plus they have low defense! You may need food if you’re one defense but 40+ Defense and you should be fine without any food.

I would recommend staying at rock crabs until 50+ because they are still amazing xp. But if you get bored you can go to experiments. (Creature of Frankenstein must be started.) These level 25’s have 100 hp EACH! That’s 400 xp per kill but they have a bit higher defense then rock crabs and hit a bit more.

Well by now you should have a fine loving for experiments and rock crabs. But if you want to try something different then you can try ogres, moss giants, or flesh crawlers.

This is where training starts to get fun. Because you can use lots of weapons and have a wide variety of monsters to train on. Also this is where my favorite skill “Slayer” becomes decent. So in order to get to 70 Strength you can Train slayer which is quite profitable and fun. You can stay rock crabs or experiments because belief it or not there the best for pures at this level still. You can also go to my favorite afk spot giant spiders located in the green level of security stronghold. These have the same hp as rock crabs and hit harder but I find you can kill them faster and you can afk because they are aggressive.

So you’re feeling like a big shot and thinking maybe I should go pvp? NO! I can’t stress this enough don’t pk until you have a good chance at koing someone every fight. If you’re looking for some more options then those motioned above then try: Green dragons (Very good money.) , Bandits (best afk spot in the game because they are always aggressive as long as you have a sara / zammy item.), Yaks, same as rock crabs except really close together and bank near by so you can bring pots to increase xp per hour.

If you’ve made it this far good job. Give your self a pat on the back and keep going because 92 is halfway to 99, so you still have got a long way to go. I would recommend still doing the above options because they are still the best xp in the game but if you want you can go to Dagannoths located under the lighthouse for horror of the deep quest. You can also go to Cyclopes located on the top floor of the warrior’s guild. I trained here 87-99 and got 100+ rune defenders on the way and loads of clue scrolls  what more could you want?

Congratz! You are now successful but guess what? You’ve still got million’s of xp till 99 but you got to keep going now. You’re only new options are Soul wars or Pest control (PC) which are both great xp with a good clan, and eventually you will reach you’re goal of 99 strength. Go ahead and throHello and welcome to my P2P Strength training guide, I will walk you through level 1 – 99 Strength.

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  1. great guide
    Posted March 6, 2011 at 5:24 pm

    sick guide im gunna use this for my new pure i just made him
    add him : I go P3w P3w

  2. Posted April 6, 2011 at 7:19 pm

    Nice nice. What weaponds should I be using?

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