Putting Npc’s in Your RuneScape Private Server

Simple yet effective way to add NPC’s to your server. Check it out.

How to add npc’s to your server 

Ok, this is my short, simple way of doing it. NOTE: I will only get help you GET the information you need to get npc’s, but I can’t tell you how to put the information in. Ok, First, log on to your server and stand exactly where you want your npc to be. Then, go to your running percent screen, and there should be coordinates. Copy down those coordinates, because you will need them to show the computer where the npc is going to stand.

Next, somewhere on the moparscape screen there should be a place where you can type in the monster you want and it will give that monster’s id code. After you have all that log off and go into the server folder, there you should find a folder with the monster’s codes in them. Simply enter in the coordinates and id and your monster should be standing where you want him to! I hope this was helpful to you!! Next, I will be showing you how to get you server ONLINE. Oh, by the way I’m sorry it took so long for this to come out, I was a little busy.

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