Range-G Mauling P2p Guide

Ever want to go pvp ranging -15,15,15 then pull out your g maul and hit 27,25 ,21 gf? heres the ultimate guide for you.

Step 1: Just like every pure you will ever make, you must make a good name something that will make everyone fear you in pvp example:”gmauledout” finish the tutorial.

Step 2: You must begin by making money i’d suggest training a skill like mining, fishing, or wcing. I would suggest trying to make around 100k with any of the skills, you can even do something unskill related like collecting swamp tar in lumbridge swamp.

Step 3: You should start doing some quests, now the quests that you will need to do is troll stronghold for climbing boots, animal magnitism for back pack so that you do not lose much ammo while training range, the easier parts of rfd that don’t give defense xp until you get mithril gloves, and you should do vampire slayer to get 21attack.

Step 4: It is finally time to start training range buy around 5k iron arrows i suggest and train on rock crabs until 40 range. You should try to make some more money, so kill flesh crawlers and bank any herbs that are worth 1000gp+(irit, rannar, kwurm, avantoe, cadantine, lantadyme, and dwarf weed). Kill those until you make around 200k more, you should get around 50+ range, buy some blue d’hide chaps and vambraces.

Step 5: You should be 27 attack from the two quests now start training to 30strength. Train on rock crabs all the way till 30str and 30 attack, after that get 40strength 40attack now you should buy a brine sabre and continue training on rock crabs, then finally get 50strength and 50attack then keep you attack at 50 don’t train any higher. If you aren’t bored of training melee stats yet you can get your strength higher to around 70. Remember the higher it is the better pvper you will become. The weapon to train with from now on is a brine sabre.

Step 6: Since you now have enough money for g maul and any other supplies you will need to train/ pk you can kill rock crabs currently the best xp for pures so now you should kill rock crabs until you are around 75str+ and around 84 range then your range and strength will be even for giving combat levels.

Step 7: depending on what you hit with your g maul you should whip it out when there less than half hp and use all your specials after you hit once with it and hopefully kill them.

Step 8: always have fun ! its a game!@

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  1. Kim
    Posted March 2, 2009 at 8:07 pm

    nice guide my friend made range/g mauler they own so bad! It’s nearly unfair=/ lol but she makes money in pvp

  2. Family guy
    Posted March 3, 2009 at 5:25 pm

    great guide m8

  3. Posted April 24, 2009 at 10:12 am

    nice guide! I have yet to start a range pure, but I sure can use that backpack! I think another good way to train ( on step 4) is to train at the stronghold of security, since the enemies drop iron arrows there a lot.

  4. Cloudfirex
    Posted June 6, 2009 at 6:26 pm

    it’s an ok guide if you had no clue what a range mauler was, however the training and moneymaking were a little iffy.
    iron arrows and a shortbow are for training strictly on f2p, on members it is significantly faster to use knives. or moneymaking, one should begin by picking 10k worth o flax, then sell em and collect snape grass for cash. then with 70 range do green drags for money.

    a few tips on how to pk would be nice too :p

  5. hk75
    Posted December 2, 2009 at 5:28 pm

    ok first this is an ok guide — 1. g et cash (cook anchieves ) then until 200-400k buy as many brnze kni ves as u cn den 1-10 chiks 20 cows 30 fleshers then 2 80 rok crabs hardkid75

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