Real RuneScape Money Making Guide and Bots F2P( Part Two)

This is for the people who wants to make money in runescape without using bots.

I had stumbled upon this while i was exploring the runescape page one day. 

If you havnt found out about the other countries that you can play on then your missing out. On the main page of runescape go to the bottom right hand corner when you scroll down you will see four flags the english, dutch, french, portuguel. Now click on the dutch flag and everything will reload but you’ll notice that everthing is in dutch. play like your playing the original runescape and try to remember everything you can. You will notice once your selecting the worlds theres about 20-40 people online, well for me that happens during 7pm est. Dont worry the system isnt broken there literally only that much people. You can do anything you want to do in this world, woodcut without being bothered, mined without someone taking it from you, and even fish alone. 

So to start making money in this world it’ll be easy. 

For the past 5-6 years of playing runescape the only way that you can make big money from runescape are to mine, fish, smelt, and wc, and high alch

mining: you should be mining at the mining guild. take all the mith ores as you can and if the adamanite ores are up outside the guild you should get it too since it makes a decent amount of money. once you had mined your ores you shouldnt sell it as ores but smelt them. Iron ores for example right now they are 97gp each and coals are 251gp. it takes 2 coals and 1 iron ore to make a steel bar, which is 765each. if you did the math you would have made 166gp per bar. you can either buy the iron ores and coals or mine it, but never sell them as raw goods. 

Fishing: fishing in karamja is the fastest way to fish especially when you can turn the fishes into nots by that dude near the ocean, on the other side of the fishing area. for me i like to fish tuna and swordfish more then lobsters because if gives you more cash, but i think lobsters gives more exp if you add it all together from the less amount of swordfish you get.

woodcutting: I used to love woodcutting until i had found another way to make money which i cannot say. its an easy and fast way to make money. i usually start off at varrock east bank becuase there are 3 trees you can chop up and less time consuming then woodcutting near the g.e. with all those people there. I’d also recommend the one near lumbridge and draynor.

high-alch: when high-alching you can lvl up your mage lvl and make money at the same time. it depends on what your alching though. with a few searching and tips i found that high-alching green d’hide body gives the most money, around 50gp from what you had used on both nature rune and the green d’hide body you had bought. if you have more info on which thing is best to alch feel free to message me, since you know i gave you all these tips.

If you have any question feel free to message me or leave a comment bellow.


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    well look at the botting one i think its better

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