Rs Free Membership Totally Legit and Legal!

A completely legit way of getting free membership for nearly a month! Heck, this method is even endorsed by Jagex, who encourages people to try it out!

This method is quick, easy and personally, I believe it requires no explanation whatesoever. It’s entirely self-explanatory and the best thing of all is that this method was created by Jagex themselves, making it 100% legit and legal.

See, the first step is simple enough: create a new account. For some reason, Jagex didn’t allow people to apply it to their current accounts. Quickly zip through the registration and you’ll soon find on the registration form that there is an option for a 14-day trial period of membership, endorsed by Jagex to promote all it’s features! Watch out though, because for the person who doesn’t spend too long on a computer, it could take more than a day to finish the tutorial, which is very thorough on all the skills in the game.

Just a quick thing, most people believe this is a waste of time because there’s no way they can get much out of membership in 14 days. This is NOT TRUE! I’m only on my 3rd day of my trial membership and I’ve completed several members-only quests, trained many of my skills up, gotten a pretty good POH (player-owned house) running and I get to visit my clan’s citadel and do all the exciting things that go with membership!

So what are you waiting for? Get your 14 days of membership at the Runescape website!

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    good info, like

  2. Posted May 11, 2012 at 11:50 pm

    My old account got the trial for some reason… XD not complaining.

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