RuneScape – 1-99 Agility – Fastest Method

This is a brief overview, of how to get 99 Agility in Runescape as fast as possible.

Reccomended Equipment:

  1. Boots of Lightness (obtained from Temple of Iknov Quest)
  2. Penance Gloves (obtained from the Barbarian Assault Minigame)
  3. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED: Spottier Cape (Req of 66 hunter) OR Spotted Cape (Req of 40 hunter)

What to do:

Levels 1 – 35:

These levels are some of the funnest/ funniest levels in the game but can get a little repetitive. You are going to be doing the GNOME STRONGHOLD Agility course. For this course it is pretty self explanatory and there are normally quite a few other running it with you :) ENJOY.

Levels 35 – 50:

Here you have two options…

  1. Continue with the GNOME SRONGHOLD if you are lazy and don’t want to do a small quest yet (you should do the quest anyways at somepoint to do levels 85+)
  2. Do the Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl Miniquest (here is the guide) then train at the BARBARIAN AGILITY COURSE. (This is the reccomended option)

Levels 50 – 74:        NOTE: This is not the fastest way for the higher levels in the range but is much more fun.

For these levels it is reccomended that you have atleast 5 thieving. They can take quite a while and are generally the first set of levels which demotivate the player. Don’t get demotivated! What you require in your inventory for these levels:  Some coins ( 360GP for each run).

What to do:

Head to Ardrougne. Once there, steal 27 cakes from the bakers stall (your 28th inventory slot should be occupied by atleast 360GP) Now walk south to the dock in Ardrougne. Buy yourself a journey from the captain to brimhaven for 30GP). Once on Brimhaven check you map for the Agility skill icon. Head to it. Talk to the captain in the little building, you will be asked for 300 coins to enter the BRIMHAVEN AGILITY ARENA pay it. Now you have discovered your new “course” how this works is you have to get to the pillar with the little yellow arrow on top of it twice in a row then you get a ticket. Say i get to it three times in a row then i would have got a total of 2 tickets, 1 for the first 1+1 pillars and another for the second 1+1 pillars but the pillars were just 1+1+1. Using this info shows that it is essential you try and tag the pillar everytime it switches for maximum speed.

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    Posted February 3, 2011 at 7:25 pm

    Good guide, im using this for 99 agility. Currently 82!

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    Just do gnome adv. the whole time 85-99 its faster than barb adv.

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    Nicely done

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    this is a lv1-74 guide lol

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    if you look under the facebook like logo to the right there\’s a next page, hope that helped

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  15. Susan
    Posted September 25, 2011 at 4:42 pm

    What about Wilderness till 74?

  16. Zauber
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    52-75 wilderness course works best and is the fastest !

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