RuneScape 1-99 Magic Guide (F2P)

The glorious skill of magic can ask quite a lot of questions. The most famous being "Whats the fastest way to get 99 Magic?" This guide will answer that question and many other questions.

I am now making my third guide! And this tim it’s for the skill of Magic! Now just to start us off, if you don’t know what Runescape is, it is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG)  created by Jagex. There are two types of ways  to play the game, Free to Play (do not need to pay) and Pay to Play (where you pay to play, also known as Members). In this guide, I will tell you the most efficient ways to get the wonderful skill of Magic to 99 as a F2P.

Before the Guide

To buy any runes, I suggest using the Grand Exchange OR buying off Aubury in Varrock. Never buy runes for maximum Price as you will loose unnecessary money. Also, you can only buy a maximum of 25,000 Runes every 4 hours. No matter what method you use, you will probably have to spend anywhere up to 50M.

Levels 1-9 Anything (Black Knight in Port Sarim Jail is advised)

For these magic levels, we will be using air strikes. I would buy a Air Staff, as that will probably be your best friend until level 55. Buy about 500 mind runes, 500 fire runes, 500 water runes and 500 earth runes. I would equip Magic Robes, a Magic hat, Blue skirt (for looks) and also an Amulet of Magic. Head off to Port Sarim until you see the jail. You should see a Black Knight. He will be your target for the next few hours. An alternative is the Wizard’s Tower Lesser Demon. It is locked up in a cage on the top level of the tower. The problem is with the Demon, is that many other Mages are there too. The last, and possibly the most resourceful option, would be to kill chickens in the chicken coop located south of Lumbridge Castle. The chickens are weak (in both offense and defence). Pick up the feathers for some money back. At level 5, change your strike to Water strike.

Levels 9-20 Again, Anything (Black Knight in Port Sarim Jail is advised)

At level 9, u will be casting Earth strike until level 13. Once you hit level 13, you will start casting Fire strike. Again, I would equip Magic Robes, a Magic hat, Blue skirt (for looks). Also an Amulet of Magic. This will give maximum Magic bonuses. Again, you can attack Lesser Demons, the Black Knight at Port Sarim Jail or Chickens.

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