RuneScape 1-99 Smithing Guide

First off remember getting a skill to 99 is never easy. Smithing is a skill which takes alot of cash so be prepared to spend millions on smithing.

Smithers have the ability to make armor and weapons which can be quite useful in the world of runescape. You can make your own armor and create your own weapons and have alot of fun doing so.

Smelting cost less and may be profitable, but smithing weapons and armor is the fastest method.

Smelting 1-99 – 2,102,328 Bronze bars

Smithing 1-99 – 1,042,755 Bronze Daggers

Bronze – 1 Copper and 1 Tin

Iron – 1 Iron ore

Steel – 2 Coal and 1 Iron ore

Mithril – 4 Coal and 1 Mithril ore

Adamant – 6 Coal and 1 Adamant ore

Runite – 8 Coal and 1 Runite ore

Making something with 1 bronze bar is the same experience as making something with 2. For example

Bronze Daggers are 12.5xp (1 bar) and Bronze Scimitars are 25xp (2 bars). The experience changes for level but

it becomes more expensive also.

1-99 F2p:


1-20 Bronze Bars:

-721 Bronze bars (4470.2 Xp)

1-29 The knights sword (Quest)

-1 Quest

-Link to guide Knights Sword Quest

20-30 Silver Bars:

-650 Silver Bars (8905 Xp)

29-30 Silver Bars:

-98 Silver Bars (1342.6 Xp)

30-99 Steel Bars:

-You will make money with these

-744,062 Steel Bars (13,021,085 Xp)

1-99 P2P

1-29 Knights Sword:


Make the best Iron and Steel items that you can

Steel plates can sometimes be sold to high alchers and provide a pretty nice profit.


You can do Cannonballs. You get 4 per steel bar and make a nice profit with each 4 you make. Cannon balls are worth 25.5 Xp per 4 cannonballs.


Create Cannonballs or Make the best steel items you can until you reach level 40.


Smithing Gold Ore is one of the fastest methods for members to do for 99 smithing. Beware smithing gold ore into Bars cost alot of money. Get Gold smithing Gauntlets from The Family Crest Quest. Gold Ore with the gloves provides 56.25 Xp per bar instead of 22.5.


Making the best items possibles provides more money than making items which require a little amount of bars.

1-29 Knights Sword Quest:

29-30 Iron:

Make the best stuff possible. You wont need much so Grab your hammer and either buy the bars or make them yourself.


Make the best items possible

or make 7,038 bronze Daggers


Make the best items possible


482,228 Cannon Balls


510,276 Cannon Balls

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    70-99 highest lvl bars

    both method lose no money and make a lot of profit

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