RuneScape 2006 Remake!

Have you ever missed the good old day of Runescape? Well they are coming back!

Hello today I will be talking about the Runescape 2006 remake!

Remember the good old days where there was no grand exchange? Or the old npc graphics. Well here is a server for you! The website you go to is below. (Please note that this remake was not made by me)

This server is a complete 2006 remake in the works. It will not have summoning,dungoneering,constructin or hunter at all! Just the good old Runescape skills only! This project will be based on “RunesSource”, a 317 server.

With all that being said you will really get that old runescape feel.

So why don’t you join today and enjoy the experience for yourself! What are you waiting for?

*This Runescape Private Server is not made by me*

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