RuneScape 99 Cooking Guide

A simple guide to 99 Cooking.

If you really want 99 cooking well you have came to the right place! Cooking is one of the easiest skill capes and the best first choice for your first level 99. At the end of this guide there is a chart showing the levels for the cooking gauntlets.

Recommended Requirements: Cooking Gauntlets, Assuming you want this done fast, at least 4 million GP.

The Guide:

1-50: Buy then cook the best F2P type foods you can afford. You will burn a lot but if you have cooking gauntlets you will burn less.

55-68: By this time you should have cooking gauntlets, you may burn a few. You’re going to cook Tuna until level 67.

68-80: At level 68 with cooking gauntlets you will not burn lobsters. While you are cooking lobsters you will earn somewhere around, 160k xp per hour.

80-90: Once again use your cooking gauntlets and cook Swordfish and you won’t burn them. You will make around 195k xp per hour.

90-93: Use your cooking gauntlets and cook Monkfish until level 93. You will make around 210k x per hour.

93-99: Cooking sharks will be you next task before 99 cooking. Now, yes sharks are expensive, but you will sell them and get some money back. This is the fastest way, and it’s worth it because they will get you around 300k xp per hour.

*Note*: They’re faster guides but this is a fast guide while minimizing the cost.

Cooking Gauntlets Guide


Cooking Level

No Burn Level

No Burn Level w/Gauntlets

No Burn Level w/Gauntlets at Lumbridge Castle Range





















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    i luv this guide!!!! works well!!!

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    this is a very good guide, but it is similar to some of the other guides i’ve looked at. works perfectly

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  7. t6h4
    Posted December 14, 2009 at 4:49 am

    Isn’t a very detailed guide. you would have to spend around 20m for this guide and you said this was one of the cheapest ways. other ways can get 99 cook with 10m losing only 3m. this is a semi fast guide, but not a cheap way to get 99 cooking, but on the contrary it is good. 3/5.

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  12. hi
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    20m costing of all fish and not selling back or 20m overall spent?

  13. Ben
    Posted December 29, 2010 at 12:35 am

    i want to use the cooking gauntlets but i dont have 59 mage and i dont want to get it… death runes arent cheap

  14. Tynomite
    Posted January 18, 2011 at 2:32 am

    death runes arnt the fastest way to 59 mage. and thats not real hard to get. mage is hard once you hit 60’s to 70’s. also its 20mill not selling back. and its not 20m strait out cause you do it in chunks. i came up with this same method and i have a bit under 4 mill. also use the theving den in burthop since you wont be burning fish anyways the fire is great cause its right next to bank. you can do this cheaply and only lose a couple 100k till sharks….. then about a mill or more im guesstamating. good luck

  15. maclovvin
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    hey guys i just recently got 99 cook and got in a 3 days believe it or not.. Only because i got money but deciding to quit because im going to army but that dosent stop me from giving away 650m+ go here to get updates on will drops will happen-

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