RuneScape 99 Fishing Guide 2012

This How To Fishing Guide Will Teach You To Level in 2012.

Most of you viewing this wouldn’t probably want to know the lower level steps to fishing like from level 1 do shrimps, so I am going to skip all that and just mention the best and common ways to get 99 from any specific level. If you are interested in lower levelled training methods, then please search Google

Lobsters- Level 40+

These are a good moderate way of gaining fishing experience as well as money. Although the price has dropped recently, they are still a useful source and is probably one of the best ways for non members. Runnning to Stiles and returning to fish will get you quite a lot of money. I recommend you bring an explorers ring 3 to improve speed now and again if you’re in a hurry.

Tuna/Swordfish- Level 30/50+

While tuna may be a good way to level up until you can do lobsters, swordfish have proven a useful way of gaining experience, especially with the help of the swordfish gloves obtainable from the fist of guthix activity. These serve as decent money, however because you also catch tuna with them, it isn’t a very reliable source unless you use the gloves. Nonetheless this is a good way for non members if you drop all the tuna, just keeping the swordfish instead. This can also grant more experience in the long run as you’ll be making less trips to Stiles, but perhaps less money at lower levels because of the chance that you my catch tuna.

Monkfish- Level 62+ (Requires: Swan Song Quest)

Monkfish are a very good high level fish, which grants moderate amounts of experience as well as money. While some may get bored of fishing them, it can still be a useful way of gaining levels as the raw fish are often used by cookers who wish to level. This should be the next level up if you’re still fishing lobsters. They are close to a bank, moderately fast and you can talk to the fishers or do something else while fishing.

Leaping Fish- Level 30+

While it is not recommended to fish these at level 30, but at higher levels so you are able to catch the leaping sturgeouns, these offer the best rate of experience in fishing in the entire game. However no money is gained from this. It is considered to be even better than fly fishing, and as an added bonus it also grants strength and agility experience. The only downfall is the repetitive dropping of fish and lack of bank nearby. You could still make some money by cutting the fish and keeping the more expensive parts, however I recommend you use the fish cuttings for bait instead.

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