RuneScape 99 Smithing Guide F2P

Here is 99 smithing guide for all.

Alright. Before attempting this skill I recommend that you get yourself a good amount of cash. You can do this by Merching, Getting 99 Hunter/Mining from either of my guides, or any other way you can think of. Once you have a bit of money, then you should continue with this guide to getting 99 Smithing as it is a highly respectable cape and skill. Let’s proceed shall we?

Where to Smith and Smelt:

My suggestion for F2P accounts is to Smelt at Al-Kharid and Smithing at Varrok West Anvils.

Levels 1-15 :

Note: You can follow this section or choose to do the quest “The Knight’s Sword” which will get you to level 29 Smithing.

To reach level 15 Smithing you will need:

- 129 Bronze Bars Smelted & Smithed
- 193 Bronze Bars Smithed
- 389 Bronze Bars Smelted

Levels 15-48 :

To reach level 48 Smithing you will need:

- 2,150 Iron Bars Smelted & Smithed
- 3,225 Iron Bars Smithed
- 6,499 Iron Bars Smelted

Levels 48-50 :

- 335 Iron ores
- 670 Coal

You will smelt this into 335 Steel bars and then proceed in making Steel Platebodies.

Levels 50-60 :

Simply Smelt 10k Steel Bars. This requires…

- 10k Iron Ores
- 20k Coal Ores

Do not smith anything but instead sell the bars to make some nice profit.

Levels 60-68 :

To reach level 66 Smithing you will need:

- 12,715 Iron ores
- 25,430 Coal

Simply smelt steel bars. Once again, this makes a nice profit.

Levels 68-70 (F2P):

To reach level 70 Smithing you will need:

- 7,577 Iron ores
- 15,154 Coal

Smelt these into Steel bars and then sell. Once again, making a nice profit.

Levels 70-85 :

To reach level 85 Smithing you will need:

- 144,056 Iron ores
- 288,112 Coal

You will be smelting 144,056 steel bars. It is highly advised not to smelt them. This will make you a very nice profit.


- 67,266 Adamant ores
- 403,596 Coal

You can make 67,266 adamant bars taking less than half the time as above but making less profit or even losing money (Depending on Grand Exchange Prices)

Levels 85-99 :

To Reach level 99 Smithing you will need:

You can smelt the following bars…

- 558,620 Iron ores (558,620 Steel Bars)
- 1,117,240 Coal

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  1. hmm
    Posted September 3, 2011 at 9:17 pm

    so basically, we are doing steel bars to 99 smithing? seems kind of slow dosn’t it? im only getting 5k exp per hour at level 74 smelting steel bars… oh and btw, in your guide it says “you will be smelting steel bars to 85, it is highly advised not to smelt” so, you kind of failed right there…

  2. Posted September 15, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    Take Fire Staff and Enough Nature runes !!

    When u go mining, use the spell “superheat item” smelting without a furnace…. Bars in ur inventory when full !! go bankin !!

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