RuneScape-99: Thieving Strategy

This is just a small guide I used to get 99 thieving in RuneScape, currently it is the second fastest thieving method but brings in more profit.

Hello, have you ever thought of pushing for that glorius skill cape? or maybe you already have one or several, but you’re looking for another fast skill, that can be quite rewarding in the end? Here’s a simple thieving strategy that I used to obtain 99 thieving, and earned 8 million pure gold coins in the process. After reading this short and simple guide you will be able to achieve your own thieving skill cape in a matter of weeks with some patience and determination.

-First of all, we’ve got to get to 45 thieving and get a quest out of the way. The quest is “The Fued” this will allow you to use a “blackjack” which you will come to love. Thieving to 45 can be done multiple ways, but to keep it simple and effective. From level one I suggest thieving men or playing the Sorceress’s garden(Winter). If you just want to kick back and click then go ahead and thieve men for now, you will end up in the garden later anyway. You could also use the garden all the way to 45, it’s all up to you. Also, at 38 you may choose to switch to master farmers, may bring in a little more gold and a load of seeds for future farming.

After all the trainings done, you’ll need to buy some Zamorak Wines, they are cheap and will work perfectly for the upcoming tasks. I suggest 500+. You’ll need to note them and bring ~10k of coins to start with. There is a general store in pollniveach that you will use to un-note and use these wines for convenience

Ok, let’s get into it now. You should be 45 thieving and have The Fued completed. You’ll need to buy a maple blackjack, any type will do. Now you’ll need to go to pollniveach, once there find a bandit and attempt to lure him into an unoccupied tent. Now, you should’ve learned the basics of “blackjacking” during The Fued but this is where it gets complicated.

First of all, blackjacking IS repetitive but it will become easier over time. You begin by knocking out the bandit, then you will need to quickly right click again and pickpocket, right after you see the message “You thieve bandits pocket etc” you need to very quickly right click again and pickpocket once more….nowit’s important this is fast and smooth, i suggest preparing the second right click right after the first pickpocket, but hesitate a moment before picking the second time……..ok, soak that in, it seems complicated now but it gets extremely easy, and you’ll begin racking in experience in no time. To keep this strategy going, you’ll simply knock the bandit out after the two pickpockets, MAKE SURE you only do two, three is IMPOSSIBLE, so don’t try it or you may get stunned, then continue with the two pickpockets.(Note: you cannot fail a pickpocket while the bandits are knocked out

Another important factor in blackjacking is, that, sometimes it can fail so prepare for that and be ready to click knock out again before rushing into the pickpocket.

Simple and effective…at 65 you’ll just switch over to the menaphite thugs located across the village and will continue with the same pattern.

Hope you enjoyed the guide, I did my best to keep it small, and get the main points across. I wish anyone who attempts this good luck and it will all be worth it when you’re wearing the wonderful thieving cape.

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