RuneScape Agility Guide (1-99)

This is what i’ve found to be the fastest way to train agility, along with being the least boring way.

If you’ve trained agility, you know how boring it can get. This guide is so you don’t get bored as easily and don’t quit training agility.


Now this part, I can’t make any less boring. Gnome Stronghold is the fastest way in these levels, so its better to stay here. Try training Agility with a friend, or find a largely populated world to talk to people. Also, if you are efficient enough here, you can get 35 agility within a couple hours.

35-45 or 40-45

If you hate to fail courses, I recommend to stay at the Gnome Stronghold to 40 agility. At 40 agility at the Barbarian Outpost, you still fail quite often, but it’s significantly less than 35. Head over to Barbarian outpost, and talk to the Barbarian next to the Agility entrance. He will send you on a miniquest, and you must travel from town to town going to bars. Read the card, and it will tell you where to go. Talk to the owners at each bar, and ask for whatever is listed on the card. When you are done, return to the Outpost.  Anyway, train here until 45 agility. It gets boring pretty fast, but bring a couple of friends and you’ll be done in no time.


Now comes the fun part. First, go to the grand exchange and stock up on items. I recommend buying about 500 cakes, and 40 agility potions. An inventory should be like this: 5k coins, 24 cake, and 2 agility pots. head over to Brimhaven, and go to the Agility symbol on the map. Right click Izzy No Beard, and click pay (One entrance is 200 coins) and climb down the ladder. There are usually 2-5 people here, but I’ve been there by myself a couple of times. Follow the arrow on your minimap to the pillar it’s pointing to. You won’t get a ticket for tagging it once, but every time after that, you will get one agility ticket. Also, try avoiding the darts. you can tell the darts by the fact that there are no other obstacles in your way. These darts lower your agility level by 2 each time, but if you do get hit, drink a dose of your potion.

I usually saved up 25 tickets at a time, then went back up. Talk to the lady near Izzy No Beard to get your exp. reward. If you do run out of cake or money, go down the ladder on top of the volcano. Go through the entrance and you will be in the Tzaar City. Find the bank, then return to the Agility course.

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  1. chris
    Posted April 10, 2011 at 3:44 pm

    great guide

  2. Mickey
    Posted April 16, 2011 at 4:27 am

    Really helpful guide, I hate training Agility, but this seems like a more fun method.

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