Runescape-armour and Weapon Guide for Ranging

This shows a great guide for you on what to use while ranging.

People often consider ranging boring infact ranging is quite fun it doesen’t need much clicking like you do at ectofuntus training prayer or burrying bones or alching.In ranging all you need to do is stand behind an object wether its a wall , mushroom or even your friend ,And you enemy would not even touch you.

When you start training with a bow always use shot bows and keep attack mode to rapid that helps alot in training range it saves time.

THROWING KNIVES: Throwing knives are cheap and excellent way of training range though they are a bit expensive from arrows . If you are going for knives go for bronze they are like 13 GP each and they might even go down. You can also smith them at 7 smithing 1 bronze bar makes 5 of them.

DARK BOW: Dark Bow should not be used for training it is very slow and very slow xp even if it shoots 2 arrows at a time.

BOW AND ARROWS:Bow and arrows are good to use but i prefer you use knives they give you a better ranging bonus.

CRYSTAL BOW:After completing the quest roling elves you get access to a new bow known as the crystal bow.After you recharge it , it gives you about 2500 shots and 100 range bonus .After every 250 shots the bow degrades and the bonus is reduced by 4.

DARTS :D arts are also a good way of training rannge they are much like throwing knives like the iron throwing knive has a bonus of 5 while the iron dart has 4.

RED CHINCHOMPAS:These are a excellent way of training range , these can be used on a large group of monsters with multi combat area For example they skeleton monkeys in ape atoll dungeon. Red Chinchompas are also very expensive to buy.

JAVELIN:Javelin are very poor for training range never use them.

THROWING AXES:Throwing axes are like javelin i recommend that you dont use them.

DORGESHUUN CROSS BOW: Dorgeshuun cross bow are fine to use. You need 32 ranged and bone bolts .They are more preferrable over bow and arrows as bone bolts are cheaper then arrows.


    * Full Void Knight Set with Ranger Helm (After 75 Range)
    * Armadyl’s Set (70+ Range)
    * Black D’Hide (70+ Range)
    * Red D’Hide (60+ Range)
    * Blue D’Hide (50+ Range)
    * Green D’Hide | Spined Set (40+ Range)
    * Snakeskin Set (30+ Range)
    * Frog-leather Set (25+ Range)
    * Studded Set (20+ Range)
    * Leather Set (1+ Range)
    * Nothing (1+ Range)
    * Melee Armor | Magic Robes (1+ Range)


  • Ava’s Accumulator
  • Ava’s Attractor
  • Fire Cape


  • Armadyl Helm
  • 3rd Age Coif
  • Robin Hood Hat
  • God Coif
  • D’hide Coif (Best Available)
  • Spined Helm | Archer Helm
  • Snakeskin Bandanna
  • Leather Coif
  • Leather Cowl



  • Unholy Book (Completed Zamorak Book)
  • Book of Balance (Completed Guthix Book)
  • Rune Kiteshield (Only -2 Range Bonus)


  • Amulet of Ranging
  • Amulet of Fury
  • Amulet of Glory
  • Amulet of Power
  • Amulet of Accuracy
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