RuneScape Bandos Boss Guide

Bandos boss guide?

Gear: * for gear, rune armour is suffiecient or veracs is good with dhide body. Bgs or whip and dfs is great. Boots would be dragon boots and gloves should be barrows gloves. Have a SW cape or a firecape, or a trimmed skill cape.

Food: Sharks is great. You can bring sara brews, but those are mad expensive. If you are planning to solo, bring a tort or spirit bird, but if your not you shuld bring a fruit bat (going in as a team). Bring a hammer too and a bandos item (bandos boots, ancient mace, bandos chest, etc.

Tele to trollheim. Drop 2 sharks then glory/ring of duel for bank. Take 2 shakrks back up then then teleport to trollheim again. Pick up your previous 2 sharks and get to the bottom of the cliff using the shortcuts. Then run north. Make sure you pray range when you reach the throwing trolls. Go past the huge boulder and down to GWD.

For bandos kills, i usually go to the most north and kill the goblins there as they are weak. Once you reach 40 kills, use your hammer at the north west end to get past the gates. Make sure you have your bandos item equipped. Hop to a non-lootshare world to find a bandos boss available if you are going solo.

good luck on loots

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