RuneScape Bank Noting Option: Karamaja : Stiles : April 2010 Update

All your troubles are over, for you f2p fishers. Because now Stiles can note all your fish you get from the docks of Karamaja. So throw out your runes and be set to stay at karamaja for an eternity for 99 fishing in f2p.

You’re f2p and want to make some money, Woodcutting is not for you, nor is mining, so you go “Hey I’ll go fishing”. Now previously in f2p the best place to train fishing to make money is Karamaja, but this is a long way from the bank thus players bring teleports.

Well forget about your teleports, because now Stiles, located south of the volcano’s on Karamaja will note your fish for you, “Hooray!”. Stiles will note your fish for free. Yes that right “Phr33″So instead of teleporting and banking and walking all the way back, you can simply take the trip to Karamaja once and you’re set. No more long banking trips or tedious walking to Port Sarim.

You can find Stiles here

Stiles notes raw and cooked Tuna, Lobsters and Swordfish.

I still recommend becoming a member and fishing at Catherby, then at the fishing guild. But if f2p is all you have, then this is a great addition to save banking, so now all our food will buy on grand exchange!

Having said that, because it has become a lot easier to fish for lobsters, tuna and swordfish, the prices of these fish have plummeted since the update. Some fish have halved in price, thus if you only make about half the money getting 99 fishing then you would have before. Sharks are still worth around 1k each and would still be profitable for members.

Hopefully this little tip, which you may or may not have known, will help save you time and gain you more money when fishing on Karamaja. Good Luck f2p fishers.

The effect of this update to the price of fish was huge, to find out what rose and what dropped and why read my other article here.

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