RuneScape Best F2P Range Armor

This is the best combination of F2P Armor for Rangers in Runescape.

Here are the best items for a Runescape F2P Ranger:

Green D’hide Coif (+4 Ranged) is the best only if it is constantly charged. Requires 40 Ranged & 40 Defense.       If you dont want to constantly charge, a leather coif (+2 Ranged) is the next best choice.

Green D’hide Body (+15 Ranged). Requires 40 Ranged, 40 Defense and Dragon Slayer quest.

Green D’hide Chaps (+8 Ranged). Requires 40 Ranged.

Maple Shortbow or Maple Longbow (+29 Ranged). Requires 30 Ranged.

Green D’hide Vambraces (+8 Ranged). Requires 40 Ranged.

Amulet Of Power (+6 Ranged) No requirements.

Total: +70 Ranged. Requires 40 Ranged, 40 Defense, and Dragon Slayer quest.

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    the best weopon is maple longbow (sighted) which gives + 110 att bonus .. this owns

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