RuneScape : Best Low-level F2P Training Spots

Most good low-level training spots are overcrowded in RuneScape. Here are some which may not have as many people training there.

The Lumbridge cows field is very crowded and that is the only low-level training spot many new people know. It is not very good experience as well because you can obtain only around 5K experience per hour (at max) if you are lucky enough. Usually it is 1K – 3K experience per hour. The chickens are also crowded because of their drops, but they are also very crowded.

Now for the “good” training spots!

Giant Rats

Giant rat

The best place to kill these is just behind Lumbridge Castle, close to the swamp. They are level 3 and will not inflict much damage. They drop raw rat meat and bones. Many people choose to bury the bones because it is a good source of Prayer experience. You can also collect the bones and deposit them in the Lumbridge Castle bank to sell to the Grand Exchange. It is a good training spot because many rats are clustered in a small area and there are only about three people there at a time. The best world to kill these would be worlds 57 or 136. From killing these you gain around 8K – 12K experience an hour. Rangers and magers can stand behind the hollow log to attack them as then they would be stuck and would not be able to attack.



Minotaurs are found in the first level of the Stronghold of Security, in Barbarian Village. Low-level players should choose to kill the level 12 ones as they are easy to kill and good experience. It is advised for rangers and magers to attack them from behind the barricade so they can get stuck and will not be able to attack you. They commonly drop iron arrows (5-20 in quantity) which is useful for rangers/archers who are low on their stock of ammunition. They give around 10K – 15K experience per hour.

Cockroach Drones

Cockroach drone

Cockroaches may finally be useful for one thing – experience. They are level 8 and their weakness is ranged. Cockroach drones reside in the bottom and middle level of the Stronghold of Player Safety. They are good monsters to train on for low level players because of their low life points, weak defence and fairly decent drops for their combat level. It is the weakest in the cockroach family, with the Cockroach Worker (level 56) and the Cockroach Soldier (level 83) in front of it.

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