RuneScape- Best Strength Bonus Gear

The best strength bonus items to wear in runescape.

these are the best items that you can wear in runescape to get the best strength bonus and hit your opponents the hardest. This is the best outfit that i can think of:

the best items are listed first

helm- helm of netzinot-berserk-er helm

necklace-amulet of strength-amulet of fury

weapon- god-sword with no shield- whip- dharok’s great-axe with no shield

plate armour- penance torso

shield- dragon fire shield-rune defender

cape-strength cape of achievement- lava cape- legends cape-normal cape

legs- bandos tassets-guthans or other barrows melee legs-rune legs

ring-berserk-er ring

boots- dragon boots-ban-dos boots-normal boots

gloves- barrows gloves-dragon gloves-normal gloves

thanks for viewing my guide to max strength bonus I hope it helped

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