RuneScape Bonus Xp Weekend

This weekend is Bonus XP weekend, which means you can get up to 270% XP while you train.

This weekend 11th to the 14th of March ‘11 is the Bonus XP weekend. It is members only, towards the end of the guide I will tell you how to benefit from the weekend even if you are a free player.

This means that members can get up to 270% as much xp as normal. The multiplier effects most training methods (not xp lamps, effigies or minigame XP rewards for instance). The multiplier starts at 2.7x and slowly decreases as you play down to 1.1x after 10 hours of playing.

According to the runescape website this is the rate at which the multiplier decreases.

Game time (mins) XP Multiplier
Up to 30 x 2.7
30-60 x 2.55
60-90 x 2.4
90-120 x 2.25
120-150 x 2.1
150-180 x 2.0
180-210 x 1.9
210-240 x 1.8
240-270 x 1.7
270-300 x 1.6
300-330 x 1.5
330-360 x 1.45
360-390 x 1.4
390-420 x 1.35
420-450 x 1.3
450-480 x 1.25
480-510 x 1.2
510-540 x 1.175
540-570 x 1.15
570-600 x 1.125
600+ x 1.1

Note that the multiplier only decreases while you are logged into the games, so it might be a good idea to decide what method you will be training before you log in, and then go and do it straight after you log in so you don’t lose any XP.

A good idea is to do “expensive” training methods such as smithing platebodies or cooking swordfish because the cost per XP will be decreased. But you may have a hard time buying bars or raw fish as a lot of other people will be doing this also.

How F2Pers can benefit from the weekend

If you’re F2P you can benefit from the bonus XP weekend by collecting “raw” materials such as logs, ores, bones and raw fish and selling them for high prices on the GE. Members will be buying these items for a higher price than normal meaning you can get a larger profit than you normally would.

So whether you are members or a free player I hope you enjoy the weekend!

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