[RuneScape] Bored Out of Your Mind? Five Things to Do When Your Bored on RuneScape!

Runescape is a great game, but everyone who has played it will agree that it can get boring.

If you have been working hard out on getting the money you want for that sick weapon or armour, or getting that skillcape, you’re probably bored and thinking of giving up. DONT GIVE UP! there is plenty of things you can do to escape the usual repetitiveness of the game, so I present you with a list… a list of things to do when your bored out of your mind on Runescape!


1. Minigames!

Alot of minigames in runescape arent much fun and are only worth playing for the rewards. Some arent fun and have rubbish rewards! But there are a few minigames which when played occasionaly are a great way to have fun in runescape.

Great Orb Project!

The Great Orb Project (GOP) is my personal favourite minigame. The only requirement is 50 runecrafting, and the wonderfull thing about GOP is that levels mean absolutely nothing, it takes alot of skill to be good at GOP, the best way to learn is to watch the pro’s, and then practice practice practice! once your good at it you will enjoy GOP so much more! And there are some great rewards aswell :)

Castle Wars

You might have played castlewars when you first got your membership (if you have membership) and when you realised that there are no worthwhile rewards.. you never came back. Castle Wars can be great fun when played with mates, join the same team and own some noobs!

Clan Wars

The same concept as Castle Wars, rock up with some mates and tear up some clans. Clan Wars is one of few minigames available for Free players!

Duel Arena

the duel arena is good fun, unfortunately nobody does tournaments anymore, they were good while it lasted. It is also available for free players  :D

2. Socialise

Its always good to have a chat with fellow runescapers, There seems to be alot of people in busy free worlds chilling around varrock. Alot of them may be noobs but thet often provide good intelligent conversations :)

3. Beef!

If your reeaallyy bored, It can be a good laugh to run around runescape being a complete and utter pain in the ass! I’m not going to tell you what to say to people, improvise!

4. PK

Im not a great Pker myself but it’s always fun to get away from what I’m doing and have the odd PKing session here and there :) Making a pure isn’t a bad idea, I find them more fun to PK with. I might make a pure training guide so stay tuned!

5. Take a break bro.

Try and take a break from runescape every now and then, go outside walk your dog, get some fresh air and do some stretches. I always do this occasionaly during long scape sessions. Speaking of long scape sessions Runescape No Lifing Guide is coming soon!

Well thanks for reading my first runescape guide, I hope this helps you enjoy yourself on Runescape.

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