RuneScape Bots

A guide to the best bot out there and why it should be used.

Runescape, world’s biggest MMORPG game out there but yet a lot of the community is made up of the so called macros or bots. Botting is a very efficient way of leveling up your character but it comes with big risks.

Runescape bots and the truth about them.

First of all botting comes with big risks and this risk is having your account permanently banned. There is no such bot in this world that is undetectable, all of them are! Bots have things called scripts. Scripts are the things used to do the botting like killing NPC’s or fishing. This is how a bot looks like:

(This is a much older version of Rsbot, this bot will be talked about later.)

The question that everyone asks is “If I use a bot will I be banned for sure?” The answer is no.

Here are some safety tips on not to get banned and also some things to help you know about the risk or being banned:

As you might have seen before (This applies to the people who have used bots before), some bots happen to do exactly the same every time making it very suspicious.This is the mistake of the person creating the script. This also happens on other bots. Script writers should make sure paths are randomized, actions are randomized. Don’t always pick the closest object etc.

 Jagex does log your mouse movements, but they are not likely to be processed unless you are reported and even if they are processed it would be nearly impossible to identify it as a bot. It’s more meant to look if the mouse is jumping around and if you move it in straight lines etc.

Anti-ban should be handled by scripts, because scripts know when it’s not interacting with anything. It would look very weird if you keep checking your mining experience while fletching right. A script know what it does, and should implement anti-ban.

But why do I get banned?

Anyone cheating risks being banned, it doesn’t matter which bot you use. However you can minimize the risks, if you follow the following tips you have a much higher chance of surviving:

Bot responsible, don’t bot for to long, play legit once in a while, don’t bot every day but sometimes just play legit for like a week. Don’t bot overnight and play at day, cause that would look like you are playing 24 hours a day which isn’t normal is it.
Also do not turn of the break handler if the bot has it, it’s there to make you look as human like as possible. If you cheat for like 30 hours without a break, you are just asking to get banned.

Vary what you bot, if you bot mining from 1-85 the chances that you get banned are huge, cause almost nobody does that. If you would smith sometimes, wood cut sometimes etc it will look more like normal people.

Play legit once in a while, do some quests, talk with people etc. It will help a lot, to keep you unbanned.

Vary scripts, if you always use the same script it might look suspicious after a while, try to find scripts that have advanced anti ban features and tries to randomize stuff. If a script hasn’t got much randomization, the chances are much higher to get you banned.

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