RuneScape Bots: The How-to Guide!

Tired of doing the same repeated clicks to get your cooking level up? Well, look no further, the end to your problem is here!

Many have said botting was bad. Even I was once an anti-bot player. But, I soon realised that RuneScape was slowing draining my life away with the need to click on things repeatedly or just do some actions over and over again to gain the experience to level up. What made it worse was that all my friends botted and had over 2bill worth of stuff and maxed in almost all skills. Compared to them, I was a noob. This resulted in me trying my first bot. It was free to download and voila, the secret to winning in RuneScape was shown to me! I felt like now, I could finally focus on real life things since the bot is doing the game for me. If you all are wondering what bot I am talking about, it is the lately released EpicBot which is amazingly free with lots of bot scripts for you to chose from. It is like having multiple bots at the same time and controlling them. 

You can either get this bot by searching “Epicbot” in google or just by visiting . This bot is absolutely free and don’t fret because it doesn’t have spy wares and doesn’t scam. I tried it for the past 3 months. So what are you waiting for? This is the ultimate bot you will ever need. Once you start it, you will see how much time you wasted on this game when you could have easily levelled up! Happy botting!

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  1. Posted July 15, 2011 at 4:34 am

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