RuneScape Botting

Hey everyone, I wanna show you all how to level yourself up alot on RuneScape by using a bot.

Alright so a bot in RuneScape is something that does all the nessessary things you need, such as making money, going into combat or just leveling up some skills. Bots can take the work out of your hands. They dont need to sleep, eat or do anything else humanly related. All they are programmed to do is to do whatever your want them to do (well in this case is whatever script to program there to do).

The website that i got my RSBot (RuneScape Bot) from was

From that website, all you need to do is click on the download button, and fully download it to your computer. Then go ahead and click on the “RSBot“. Log into your Runescape account after that, then go to File > Run Scripts > *Whatever Script you would like to run*

Once you have your script Running, all you need to do is leave the bot on and watch yourself make those millions that you always wanted !! If your super scared that your account is going to get ban for that, then just check up on your bot once in a while, dont worry too much.

Thanks for reading, and i hope you all have fun Botting !

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