RuneScape: Chaotic Weapons

Which chaotic weapon is the best?

Ok so Jagex recently came out with this new skill called Dungioneering. This skill is basically one gigantic minigame that involves every other single skill in the game. Most people get put off by this concept but i assure you its well worth it. In order to obtain the sweet chaotic weapons, you need to get lv 80 dungioneering and that takes over 40 hours of gameplay. On average, most people get it within three weeks. Thats assuming you play around 2 hours a day training dungioneering. Once you gain level 80 dung, you will have just enough tokens to buy 1 chaotic weapon. Chaotic weapons are basically a weaker version of promitheum but its still extreamly strong. These weapons degrade but it takes 10 hours to fully degrade to zero starting from full. It costs 2million gp to recharge to full or a mixture of tokens and gp. Thats about 200k gp per hour of use. In my opinion, thats not so bad and heres why. Chaotic maul has a 155 strength bonus making it a crushing godsword on steroids. The Chaotic Rapier is an acurate stab weapon with a 101 strength bonus, as well as being fast as a scimitar. This weapon is great for slayer, dragons and anything weak to stab except corperal beast. The Chaotic Longsword is basically a stronger vestas longsword with 120 str, 107 stab, 124 slash making it a versatile weapon.

So which one is better? Well coming from a sucker for high hits i would pick the maul without question.

  1. First reason, it’s the strongest weapon in runescape that you can use anyware, replacing godswords.
  2. Secondly, its a crush weapon which can help me kill waterfiends.
  3. Third reason, the maul radiates so much fear anyone who sees it would either run or just give up fighting you because they know they will loose.


  1. longswords have been out of style for a long long time due to the lack of speed. But this sword makes up for it.
  2. Its both an excellent slash and stab weapon.
  3. Does great in pvp


  1. Fast and strong. its a stab weapon
  2. It is very practical to use and you will be using it a lot.
  3. Most costly to maintain, mainly because you will be using it all the time.


  1. Slightly more acurate than rune crossbow.
  2. Increases gem bolts specials.
  3. No ranges strength increase.
  4. Complete waste of tokens.
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