RuneScape Chat Colour : How Do You Change It? : Three Steps to New Chat Text

Heard that you can change your chat text? Want to know how? Let me show you three quick steps to get rid of that plain bland chat text you’ve had for years.

Lets get straight into it, you know what you’re here for.

All pictures were taken and edited myself

How to change Runescape Chat Text

Step 1

Head to your options tab on the bottom right of the Runescape Interface, this will take you to this interface,

Step 2

Now that you’re here click on the tab with the two speech bubbles on it, you should arrive at this interface,

Here you can change the colour of the clan chat text, you must be in a clan chat to test the colour. A sample of the text is provided, but typing a proper message lets you have a better idea of which one you like.

Note: You do NOT need to click confirm or anything, after you’re done just hit the “x” in the top right corner.

Step 3

Now if you wish to change your private chat text colour also, then use the “Private” tab to get to this interface,

Again simply select one before you exit and it will be set, no confirmation needed. Be careful though, as the private chat appears above the actual chat box and into the actual game interface, finding a colour that will show up clearly on a background that is constantly changing will be hard. I recommend not picking a dark colour, such as black or blue, or a light colour, such as white or yellow because these colours are easily blocked out when you are in dark or light areas.


Have fun experimenting, and enjoy your new chat box text

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Happy Gaming


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