RuneScape – Clan Citadels for F2P?

The newest member only update for RuneScape and why I think it is for F2P too.

Hello fellow article readers, in this article I am going to talk about the newest update of RuneScape — Clan Citadels.

The Clan Citadels update is one of RuneScape’s most epic updates ever. The Clan Citadel is a place where all clans around RuneScape can call “Home”. In the Clan Citadel, you are able to do lots of stuff and customize your very own Citadel above the clouds.

For more information about this update please click the link below:

About the topic:
Here are some the reasons why I think this update should be for F2P too.

1.There are lots of clans made on F2P and they should also recieve the update in order to let them practice working together as a team to mantain the citadel.

2.If this update is unavailable to F2P players, the F2P would not see the importance of working together and their clans would one day “Crumble and Fall”.

3.The P2P recieved too many fancy updates from the game leaving the F2P somehow feeling jealous.

4.This discourages F2P players to play RuneScape as they are just like playing the same thing all over and over again and RuneScape will lose population DRAMATICALY!

5.If the Jagex Community continues to repeat this action (Number 3), free players will completely leave Runescape and advertise other people around the world not to play RuneScape. The game will thus be called “RuneScape The Number 1 Paying Multiplayer Game”.

I myself am a pure F2P, dreaming of becoming a member but will never be… and that is why I written this article, to show how I, myself and most of the RuneScape F2P players feel about not being able to recieve updates that P2P players get. I know that Jagex used the money recieved from P2P players to make these updates but at least make a little of the update available to the F2P community.

Thank you for taking your time to read this article, I know that Jagex will not accept this idea but I hope they will change their ways of thinking (Being more generous to the F2P community than completely stingy to them) 

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    Posted August 15, 2011 at 10:07 pm

    F2p rage

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