Runescape Clan Wars Guide

A guide to the mini-game, Clan Wars, in the popular MMORPG, Runescape.

Ok, so Clan Wars is a ever popular free mini-game for anybody at higher levels around 50+. To get there you will need to go into the Wilderness, so if your scared you might get killed by a Revenant (very strong monsters that attack almost everybody and they can teleblock and freeze you), bring a Varrock teleport. Why? Because Varrock is the best place to teleport to and go back into the Wilderness again. Revenants can vary in levels and here is a link which to copy & paste for the guide, That will tell you all about them. Now back to Clan Wars, it is in level 20 Wilderness and the best way to get there is around the left of the Lava Maze and go North – East until you see heaps of people, or white dots on your mini-map. 

Once you get there, you can join a clan and go into the purple portal or if you just want to fight normally go into the white free for all portal (safe), which is recommended or the red one which you lose all your items and there are no graves.

In ffa, it is recommended to always have rune and use a scimitar, a battleaxe or 2h sword. When you are fighting, make sure you get the most of it by having prayer on and wearing the best armour. Mostly players are always level 70+, and this is frustrating because lower leveled players will get owned. There are “Clan Wars” buildings near the end of the ffa arenas and high level players dominate the area. Sometimes it is just fun to run around and attack random people and run away.

In the actual Clan Wars, well it’s a kind of straight forward mini-game. Kind of like kill or be killed and there aren’t that many “hints and tips” on how to win, but according to my experiences, I might have some. When you start a battle if your team is mostly comprised of rangers or magers, choose a good map like, “Turrets” because they have the upper-hand not something like, “Blasted Forest”.

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