RuneScape Combat Beta: The Future of RuneScape? or Its Doom?

Many problems have arisen from the new combat system.

Many thoughts and comments have risen from the new combat update, dubbed Runescape Combat Beta, that both excite and concern Runescape players.  Being a member, I have participated in the beta, and I have a few Pro’s and con’s myself.


  • Most standard weapons are capable of being dual-wielded, such as the Dragon Scimitars, Abyssal whip (Though, the whip cannot be dual wielded with another whip) and most swords and scimitars.  While this means a shield cannot be used, it makes up for double the power
  • New combat abilities, each combat skill has a different set of abilities that can assist you, or punish your enemies.  These replace the “special attacks” exclusive to certain weapons.
  • The avatar’s appearance is given more detail, as well as most weapons
  • Combat is given more of an edge, rather than the simplistic concept of the current one, where the only main factors were the weapon, armor, stats, etc.  Now, you have special combat abilities that can easily turn the tide of what may seem like a loosing battle


  • The magic spellbook is heavily modified, decreasing the power of the Ancient Magiks and increasing the power of the Normal spellbook.
  • The names of the Ancient spellbook magics are changed, Blood has become Bloodfire, Smoke has become (Gale?), Shadow has become Rock, but Ice remains Ice.  Also, the Mismiac spells are removed entirely.  While not often used, they are very popular for PKing, due to their ability to half the targets attack speed.
  • It is believed that the Magic spellbooks abilities are “overpowered.”  While I have no problems with that, I do admit that it definitely has become much stronger.  Abilities such as Asphyxiate (which is basically force choke…), and Dragonfire definitely can have its unfair advantages in combat.  
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