RuneScape Combat Training Technical Guide

A guide on what you should do to train your combat levels.

Have training combat seems like a mountain to you? Why not look below and see what you can do if you want to train combat.

Combat Introduction

Combat is a skill which involves the usage of weapons and armours to fight. Either to fight for honour, or to run like a chicken. Its your choice. Combat has a histroy of many thousand years and now its very advanced.

Before training combat

As the journey ahead is going to be hard, fufill these criteria before you go on, if you cannot fufill them, I suggest you to stop reading the guide.

  • Commitment in training
  • Patient
  • Aim for the best

Why did I take these seriously? First, if you do not have any commitment for training and you gave up halfway, then you shouldn’t have started. Patience must be applied because to train from your level to your desired level may take a long time. To aim for the best is what you must do so that you can go for it, instead of aiming aimlessly, you will feel bored after training and therefore lost all commitment to training.

Where should be the best place to train

There isn’t any specific places to train. If you are hardworking enough, try the steps below.

  • Time the amount of experience you get per hour
  • Train against monsters which are the same or lower level than you.
  • gold first or exp first? that is your choice

It would be good if you kill monsters which you can end their life easily and will let you earn a lot of money. Monsters like Lesser Demon drop rune items, it will help you fund your combat journey when you want to buy food.

Amount of food used

It is quite important to manage the amount of food eaten when you train on monsters, if you use too much food, it may take a lot of time to go to and fro from the bank to your training spot. The best spots would be the monsters in Karamja as the fishing spots are there, and you do not have to go to the bank.

Random Events

When you are focused on training combat, there may be some Random Events like shades when you are burying bones will come out. If you do not want to waste time, I suggest you to flee so that you will not waste precious experience.

Training Barrier

When you are training, there are times you will feel like giving up. If that is the case, I suggest you to train in popular spots so that you are able to chat more so that getting exp will seems easier.

Final Words

I hope all the best for your training. This guide may not be very good but thanks for reading it, if you like this guide, please link this guide to others, thanks.

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    Just ignore the noobs that post spam and try to make you feel bad…..they have no life

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    this guide is ok, but u can use mre descriptions, like what monsters to use at what lev, makes it more interesting

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    it is a helpful guide. What do you want him to do, sit down and walk you thru the whole game? grow up people and follow the guidelines he just put out.

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    The “exploit” above is clearly a pathetic attempt at a scam, for a number of reasons.

    1) Why would Jagex use a Hotmail account for a secure service?

    2) It is not possible to spawn items like that anymore, it has been fixed for about 5 years

    3) The most important reason, it asks for YOUR password

    As such, it is clearly a poor attempt at a scam

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    the main reason i don’t like ur guide is because it has little description or what to train on…but not a bad guide for a noob who needs to understand the basics

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    please try not to be so long-winded, and you are writing a training guide for an online game, not a ninjutsu training manual or somthing! try to keep it informal and friendly.

  15. the mighty pip
    Posted September 7, 2007 at 1:27 pm

    Take out high lvl monsters, the higher the better, becoz they will drop cool stuff and make it worth the effort. Plus your xp will be greater. Lesser demons are a good melee training thing, and ranging dragons is a good way to get hp and range up ;)

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    This is possibly the worst Runescape guide I’ve ever seen. The title and subtitle are excellent and raised my expectations about what I would find. I was hoping to find what the subtitle promised–a “guide on what you should do to train your combat levels.” Based on that I was expecting a list of suggested monsters to train on at each level of combat and for each type of combat. Instead I find a few vague remarks. Disappointing. Check out the guides at other popular sites to see how it’s done.

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    I feel that this guide has nothing to do with combat. Most of your points (Commitment, patience, aim for the best) don’t tell the reader anything about combat in runescape. Tutorial Island tells more about combat than this guide, in fact. Sorry!

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    hi this my account as of nov2,07in my country bambho cb lvl:32 full black sq shield 30k addy scimmy 20quest points,well thats not the big daddy yet….my main is:juny ken b cb lvl:68 full rune with rune scimmy rune 2h and rune b axe and 100k,gonna be member on november 5,07!

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    i think maybe you could make it better by adding a guide what sez what lvl s you should train at dif places ect.. lvl 45-55 c wars or deadly red spiders.. maybe you could also add links lyk quest guides n also like to say to also a bit runescape nerd, i have a lvl 68 account , with rune skirt (g) rune pl8 d long n dds, ( and 60 atk) nd 108k exactly.. so what is the point in boasting about yur ” Big Daddy acount ” when its clearly not..

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    this guide is waste of time we just wanna know where is the best place for training and u are just saying nonsens

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  28. high green unseen
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    i would say scimmy is the best because if b axe or 2h hits a 0 or a low number, it takes LONG to hit again. but scimmy hits fast so if you hit 0 or a low number, you hit again fastly.

  29. guide
    Posted January 7, 2008 at 2:30 am

    What is the best aromur you can get on the free world, and how much does it cost.

  30. Hydra
    Posted January 8, 2008 at 7:57 pm

    Training in popular places will result in extremely SLOW exp as everyone will be trying to kill the same monsters.

    Random events take, at most, 3 min… doesn’t affect training at all.

    Fishing a full inventory of food takes way longer than it takes to go to the bank and people will low cooking levels will burn most of the food.

    This is a okay guide, you’ve got some beginner mistakes but it will definitely help beginners who just started playing the game.

    I, myself, have been playing RuneScape for a while and have a level 103 main. Here’s my suggestions for what monsters you should fight and what equipment you should use.

    Note: The levels I refer to are your attack, strength, and defense levels, not your combat level. Also, I’m under the assumption that gold is unlimited and you can afford the best equipment.

    Free Players

    Fight cows near the Crafting Guild southwest of Falador. This is better than any other cow-farm because there are lots of cows here and not many players. Bring an axe and a tinder box with you as you are able to cook the beef for food.

    Fighting monks at the Monestary west of Edgeville also works but there’s usually lots of competition there.

    Switch to iron equipment at level 5, black at level 10, and mithril at level 20.

    Fight dwarves in the dwarven mines under Falador. They are more of a challenge to kill, but you do get more experience per kill and a better reward. However, they do not drop food, so you’ll have to buy them ahead of time.

    Fighting ghosts are also good as they give 100 experience per kill, but they do not drop anything and will do lots of damage to you. You can fight them in the Varrock Sewers, or the Mezar’s Maze north of Rimmington.

    Switch to adament (not sure if I got the spelling correct) at level 30.

    From here on, you pretty much have two options.
    1. Ghosts as they are easy to kill, not much competition, and fast spawns.

    2. Fleshcrawlers in the Stronghold of Security. They will attack you automatically regardless of your combat level which will free you up to do other things while your character trains. You much check your health once in a while because they do hit often on low levels. After around 5-10 minutes or so, they will stop attacking you automatically, in that case, just run away from them so that they are off your mini-map (top right) and then come back, they should resume their aggression towards you.

    If you can get 40 range and wear green dragon hide vambraces for best gloves defense. A strength amulet is what I would use, it has no level restrictions. (An amulet of power works just as well) You should get either the fancy or fighting boots in the Stronghold of Security for best boots defense. A team cape would look good with your rune armor.

    Train only with scimitars as they give the most experience overall.

    If you are rich and got nothing to spend money on, use strength potions as they will increase your damage by a couple points.

    Time is short and I have to run, but I will come back ASAP and post the guide for member players along with range and mage guides.

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    this guide is awsome not because of watz in it cause u tried ur best right .. dont listen to the loosers that tlk sht…’

    itz sad cause they cant make there own guide well nice work again

    people that hate on this guide r loosers with no life and got nothing else better to do then type sht bout runescape

    that makes u ‘







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    thats some pretty good edvice but not good enoghf to put it on a website im just kiding and by the way tell me what lvl u are and your name

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    it pretty good .. at least u tried ignore thoe other noobs!

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    what i say is if ur lvl 50-60 you should train on black knights lvl 33 there in the castle by monastery its easy to find just run on the mountin thats if u want to thats how i got 70 combat in week gets u good lvls

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    Come on man nothing is in this guide!what is this?I dont no why google promoted this guide in to first page!Only the basic is there!And basic means every noob knows it!be more responsible Dude!

  41. roxes
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    ok first of all if you are a lev 55 and have many lobbys then you can kill lesser demons and when you become a lev 70 or 60 and u are a member trane on obby demons n obby lare

  42. roxes
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    1 last tip for today if you are lev 45 or over get alout for food like lobsters and fight thing that ae atlest 20 levs over you then when you are a lev 65 you are redy to fight things that are 30 levs over you then when you are lev 70 (finaly) u can fight lev 120’s and less monsters cya for today

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    OMG! What a lamo guide……….far out hydra’s guide was 10 times better and she probaly did it in ruddy 2 mins…… lame

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    possibly the worst guide i have ever seen. The title is “Runescape Combat Training Guide”, yet i see no names of mosters or names of spots to actually train. Waste of time. way to go, jackass

  45. sucess to lvl99 in combat
    Posted March 25, 2008 at 5:06 pm

    Ok if u wanna hear my guide its better than his.

    Hello im omg okayy and this is my guide to sucess to lvl99 in combat!
    lvls 3-20:fight chikens

    20-25: fight barbarians

    25-30:fight warroir ladies (in varrock castle)

    30-40:fight guards

    40-50 fight hill giants (im going low cuz u hit better and u dont need much food)

    50-65:fight moss giants

    65-75: baby drags

    75-90:lesser demons

    90-99:greater demons

    That goes for def hitpoints str and att (abvious but some peeps dont no bout that)(thats the definition of noobs)

    *If your att and str add up to 130 go to warriors guild and get rune defender it helps so much!

    That is my guide to lvl99 omment me if u can and want to (also but rating scale 1-10)

  46. the annoyed trainer
    Posted April 21, 2008 at 12:17 pm

    hi all

    the space i just wasted is better than ur guide N00B!

  47. here is a real guide
    Posted April 24, 2008 at 9:50 am

    The Basics
    General Info: Well as a newbie there are a lot of things you don�t know yet. Always wear the best amour you can get when fighting for starters. Even if you are on a higher level than a creature, you may not be able to beat it. For instance a level 18 warrior, wearing iron amour, may not be able to kill a level 16 scorpion. This is because the scorpion may have its stats built in such a way that it can hit more accurate and harder. Before you begin a fight you should also remember to check you stats. If you need prayer for a battle than you should make sure your prayer is fully recharged (can be recharged in a church). Be sure you have enough health for the fight. If you do not have enough health left then you could wait for it to recover, or eat some food. Don�t forget to train your combat stats relatively evenly, if you don�t it can cause problems in the future. The five stats that affect your combat level are Attack, Strength, Defense, Hit Points, and Prayer. Attack, Strength, and Defence, are all increased in the same level of increments, they all increase by 4 experience points for every 1 damage you inflict in its particular mode. Health increase 1.3 experience points for every 1 damage you do during the game, and prayer increases by different amounts based on what type of bones you burry. You need to work on all of these to get a high combat level.

    Now onto the fighting and training.

    Armor and Weapons: There are many types of armor and weapons in the world of RuneScape. I will explain this vast selection. There is the most basic of weapons a bronze sword and wooden shield, right up to the dragon weapons and armor. There are weapons and armor that anybody can use, and those of witch only members can use. Here is a quick rundown on what is available to you. Please keep in mind, there there are hundreds of weapons, and Jagex is always adding more.

    Color: Brown
    Cost: 1-300 gold
    Free play (F2P) and Members (P2P)
    Types: Dagger, Sword, Long Sword, 2 Handed Sword(2H Sword), Scimitar, War Hammer, Spear, Arrows, Throwing Axes, Darts, Halberd, Axe, Pick Axe, Square Shield, And Kite Shield.
    Color: Dark Grey
    Cost: 50-600 gold
    Free play (F2P) and Members (P2P)
    Types: Dagger, Sword, Long Sword, 2 Handed Sword(2H Sword), Scimitar, War Hammer, Spear, Arrows, Throwing Axes, Darts, Halberd, Axe, Pick Axe, Square Shield, And Kite Shield.
    Color: Light Grey or White
    Cost: 100-1500 gold
    Free play (F2P) and Members (P2P)
    Types: Dagger, Sword, Long Sword, 2 Handed Sword(2H Sword), Scimitar, War Hammer, Spear, Arrows, Throwing Axes, Darts, Halberd, Axe, Pick Axe, Square Shield, And Kite Shield.
    Color: Black
    Cost: 150-1700 gold
    Free play (F2P) and Members (P2P)
    Types: Dagger, Sword, Long Sword, 2 Handed Sword(2H Sword), Scimitar, War Hammer, Spear, Arrows, Throwing Axes, Darts, Halberd, Axe, Pick Axe, Square Shield, And Kite Shield.
    Color: Dark Blue
    Cost: 500-2500 gold
    Free play (F2P) and Members (P2P)
    Types: Dagger, Sword, Long Sword, 2 Handed Sword(2H Sword), Scimitar, War Hammer, Spear, Arrows, Throwing Axes, Darts, Halberd, Axe, Pick Axe, Square Shield, And Kite Shield.
    Adamantite (Addy)
    Color: Green
    Cost: 2000-10000 gold
    Free play (F2P) and Members (P2P)
    Types: Dagger, Sword, Long Sword, 2 Handed Sword(2H Sword), Scimitar, War Hammer, Spear, Arrows, Throwing Axes, Darts, Halberd, Axe, Pick Axe, Square Shield, And Kite Shield.
    Runite (Rune)
    Color: Light Blue
    Cost: 10000-100000 gold
    Free play (F2P) and Members (P2P)
    Types: Dagger, Sword, Long Sword, 2 Handed Sword(2H Sword), Scimitar, War Hammer, Spear, Arrows, Throwing Axes, Darts, Halberd, Axe, Pick Axe, Square Shield, And Kite Shield.
    Color: Red
    Cost: 50000-15000000 gold
    Members (P2P) Only
    Types: Dagger, Sword, Long Sword, 2 Handed Sword (2H Sword), Scimitar, Spear, Halberd, and Square Shield.
    Other: The are hundreds of other smaller non series types of weapons and armors in RuneScape. They all have their special abilities, and it�s up to you what you use.
    The Prices Displayed above may be wrong as Runescape prices are always changing.

    Color: Brown
    Cost: 5-200 gold
    Free play (F2P) and Members (P2P)
    Types: Full Helmet, Medium Helmet, Chain Mail Body, Plate Body, Plate Legs.
    Color: Dark Grey
    Cost: 50-600 gold
    Free play (F2P) and Members (P2P)
    Types: Full Helmet, Medium Helmet, Chain Mail Body, Plate Body, Plate Legs.
    Color: Light Grey or White
    Cost: 100-1500 gold
    Free play (F2P) and Members (P2P)
    Types: Full Helmet, Medium Helmet, Chain Mail Body, Plate Body, Plate Legs.
    Color: Dark Blue
    Cost: 500-2500ld
    Free play (F2P) and Members (P2P)
    Types: Full Helmet, Medium Helmet, Chain Mail Body, Plate Body, Plate Legs.
    Adamantite (Addy)
    Color: Green
    Cost: 2000-10000 gold
    Free play (F2P) and Members (P2P)
    Types: Full Helmet, Medium Helmet, Chain Mail Body, Plate Body, Plate Legs.
    Runite (Rune)
    Color: Light Blue
    Cost: 10000-100000 gold
    Free play (F2P) and Members (P2P)
    Types: Full Helmet, Medium Helmet, Chain Mail Body, Plate Body, Plate Legs.
    Color: Red
    Cost: 50000-15000000 gold
    Members (P2P) Only
    Types: Medium Helmet, Chain Mail Body, Plate Legs.
    Color: Grey (mostly)
    Cost: Ranging from 50 for 3 million gold
    Members (P2P) Only
    Types: Plated Skirts, Helmets, Brassard, Plate legs, Leather top, Leather Skirt, Coif, Chain skirt, Robe Top, Skirt, Hood
    Information: Barrows Weapons and armor are special ancient armors, of warriors long past. When you wear a complete set of one warrior�s armor, you get special buffs from the armor and weapons.
    Color: Black and Red
    Cost: ranging from 50 – 90k Tokul, or from 1k to 1 million Gold
    Members (P2P) Only
    Types: Shield, Cape, Staff, Sword, Knife, Rings, Mace, Maul
    Information: Obsidian is a stone used by the Tzharr, instead of human metals. It is very expensive, but is roughly the equivalent of rune, and has some special properties, such as the shield adding strength, and the cape defending against magic.
    Other: The are hundreds of other smaller non series types of weapons and armors in runescape. They all have their special abilities, and it�s up to you what you use.
    The Prices Displayed above may be wrong as Runescape prices are always changing.

    Each level up in its class, armor or weapons, is stronger. For example, steel is stronger then iron and Mithril is stronger than steel. Now as you will have noticed if u looked through the list of armor and weapons classes, you will have noticed that some metal types can only be used by members. There are also some weapons that are for members only, but I do but I do not currently have them distinguished. Some weapons that are for members only are Halberds, throwing axes, and darts.

    Random Events: From time to time during game play you will be faced with random events, many of these will come during combat. The random events that happen in combat are things like, swarms, shades, mysteries old men, and more. I will cover most of them here.

    Swarms- Swarms are random groups of flying insects that will appear to you during combat. They cause minute damage and are nearly impossible to beat. If a swarm appears it is wises to simply leave the area for a moment then return after the swarm has vanished.
    Shades- Shades are undead creatures that will appear when burying bones after combat. Their level is based directly upon your own and is always much higher. In most cases you will want to run from them, but if you have strong enough armor and some food, it is a good idea to fight them. They drop bones of different types, and shade robes.
    Zombies- Zombies are undead creatures that will appear while burying bones. Their level is based directly upon your own level. In most cases you will want to run from them, but if you have strong enough armor and some food, it is a good idea to fight them. They drop bones of different types.
    Mimes- Mimes are a random even in witch you are teleported to a mysteries stage and you have to copy the mime�s act. If successful you will receive some type of reward.
    Mysterious Boxes- You receive these from mysteries old men. These boxes are known to contain rewards if the person who possesses it can answer the question. If you ignore it, the box will begin to multiply in your inventory, and if you drop it, the box will just reappear.
    Mysterious Old Men- From time to time a mysteries old man, who seems to act of his own accord, will pop up and want you to talk to him. He will usually give you a reward, but occasionally he wants to give you a mysteries box, or teleport you to a maze. If you ignore him long enough he will teleport you somewhere else in RuneScape.
    Drunk Dwarves- Drunken dwarves can be very annoying, they appear at random points in the game wanting to talk. If you do talk to them, they give you a beer and a kebab. If you ignore them they will become aggressive and begin attacking you, but you will be unable to fight back.
    Genies- Genies are a wonderful thing. When they appear they give you a lamp that will allow you to gain exp in one of your stats. The exp you gain in your chosen stat is equal to the stats level times 10. If you ignore a genie it will teleport you to the wild.
    Mysterious Plant- These are poisonous plants that will grow at random, when they are ripe pick them, or they will attack. The fruit you get restores some of your energy.
    Maze- When you get summoned to a maze all you need to do is find your way to the center of the maze, the faster you get there, the better your reward.
    Frogs- Here and there, frogs will appear, asking you to give their price or princess a kiss. If you do so, the frog will be turned back to a human, and you will be rewarded with a frog token, witch can be exchanged in Varrock for a frog prince outfit, or a frog mask.
    Sandwich Lady- Every now and then, your friendly local sandwich lady will talk to you. When she dose, she will offer you a free piece of food, all you do is take the food that she says you can have, and its yours. Take the wrong one, and she will beat you over the head with a loaf of french bread, ignore her and she will teleport you away.
    Evil Chicken- Every Now and then an evil chicken will appear. He is very powerful, and can more than likely kill you. I would say just run, because you don’t get good drops in my opinion.
    Other- There are many other that I don’t have covered here. I have only listed those witch I have experienced, so as I have more happen, I will add more to the list.
    Complementary Skills:
    Smithing – Smithing is useful for making new amour and weapons.
    Mining – Mining is useful for gathering resources with witch to smith into weapons and amour.
    Cooking – Cooking is useful for gathering food to keep your health up.
    Fishing – Fishing is useful for gathering raw foods to cook.
    Farming – Farming is useful for gathering food products to help keep your health up.
    Slayer – Slayer is useful for enabling you to defeat some monsters, that you otherwise would be unable to beat.
    Back To Top
    Low Level Training
    Level 1-5: Ok so you�re a newbie to the game. Welcome to the wonderful world of RuneScape. At such low levels you should only train on creatures like ducks, Spiders, Chickens, Goblins, Humans, cows and other creatures level 3 and under. Though you may be on a higher level you should still fight extremely weak creatures. You can find plenty of creatures of this level in the Lumbridge area, so there won�t be much need to explore. Fore This point in the training your amour won�t be of any real need due to the extremely low levels of these creatures. The profit at this level will be little if any at all. I would personally suggest you fight chickens for your first 5 attack levels, cows for your first 5 strength levels, and humans for your first 5 defence levels. That�s just the grouping and order that seemed to work best for me, how ever u may choose to change your tactics a bit depending on what you want. If you are after more money sooner then humans are your best bet. If fast easy levels are your goal, then chickens are the rout to go, and if you want to get some stock for crafting, then go with cows. If you choose cows then it would be a wise idea to have an axe (hatchet) and tinderbox with you. When ever you get low on health you can simply cook some beef. This is also a good time to start training things such as woodcutting, fire making, and cooking.

    Level 6-10: Well you have progressed a slight bit. Now you can fight slightly more powerful creatures. Now you can move out a little bit, but be careful, there are still a lot pretty dangerous creatures just a little ways out. Now you should fight creatures from level 1 – 5. These creatures include: Giant rats, Monkeys, imps, Highway men and everything in the last section. (You can get black capes from highway men.). The profit at this level will be very low if any. Now amour should start coming into question. I would suggest you start working on your mining and smiting skills so you can make your own. In order to make full bronze armor, this includes full helmet, kite shield, plate body, plate legs, and a weapon, you will need to work your way up to 18 smiting. Don�t worry, its not that hard, it just takes some time. I would suggest buying a steel axe when you hit mining level 5, this help to speed up the process a bit. The best place for a newbie miner is the copper and tin mines just south east of Varrock. The nearest furnace is in Falador, so I suggest mining a lot tin and copper before you go to the furnace. And the anvils are all the way back in Varrock, so this process will take a lot of walking. Also keep in mind, while training your smith you will make a lot of extra stuff, just sell all of it to the general stores, or the appropriate store if you want to go the extra mile, this will help increase your wallet size witch will be helpful at a much later date. All the while keep training your combat stats, not dedicated, but kill some stuff on your way around the towns.

    Level 11-15: Ok so you are over level 10, think you�re ready for the big boys now, not quite yet. You should have some bronze armor by now. Now you should train on creatures levels 1 – 8 now. But be careful if you don�t have armor some of the level 7s and 8s may kill you. Creatures you should fight about now are stronger giant rats, farmers, barbarians, and monks. These creatures are spread all across the world of RuneScape. So you shouldn�t have much trouble finding them. At this point your profit will begin to increase; this is because you are fighting �intelligent beings� that generally tend to carry money and more valuable items with them. As you progress through the game keep in mind your profits will always increase. At this point I would advise working on your cooking a bit more, and you should also have started work on your fishing levels. Fishing is a very useful skill because it allots very healing food to become available to you, but don�t forget, you still need a level high enough to cook the fish your catching.

    Level 16-20: Now you�re starting to go places. If you don�t have any armor yet, you really need to get some, it will prove very helpful. At this point it would be most helpful to have iron armor. This is still Farley cheap but it provides much more protection, your weapon should also be made of iron, in part to improve effectiveness, and in part to make your outfit match. Monsters level 2 – 13 would be good to train on now. This includes the following monsters: dwarfs, zombies, and all other creatures mention previously. There aren�t many new monsters to train on, so you may want to consider training on older monsters. The newer monsters are much harder to find, they can be found mostly underground though. I personally decided to step back a few notches and fight barbarians, they provide good exp, they make a challenge, and they tend to drop some good rewards. Dwarfs are also good to fight against, they provide good exp, and drop decent stuff, but they may be a bit too much of a challenges for some players.

    Level 21-25: So you are over level 20, think it is time to play with the big boys, well your wrong again. At this point you should try getting some Steel weapons and armor, it will be helpful. You should train on monsters level 5 – 16. There really aren�t many new monsters in this category. So just stick to the old ones for now. They will still provide plenty of exp, and they will be much easier to beat. You should really work on your fishing, and cooking skills now, you will want to be able to catch salmon or trout by the time u hit combat level 25, and you�ll need to cook them to. If you need feathers for fly fishing just kill some chickens, they usually drop between 10 and 15 feathers each, or you can buy them for about 2 gold each from the fishing shop.
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    Medium Level Training
    Level 26-35: Ok, now you�re moving into the medium levels, life just got harder for your character. You really need to be improving your characters weaponry and armor. You should definitely have steel armor, and be working towards Mithril. You should start working on tougher monsters, level 10-24. Some monsters in this level range are skeletons, zombies, and guards of different types. These creatures are located throughout runescape, and should be easy to find. You really need to have worked on your fishing levels. You should be able to catch salmon for sure, and be near tuna. Your cooking level should have improved to the point that you can cook tuna.

    Level 36-45: You should have most of the Mithril armor and weapons by now, but having some steel is ok for now. You should fight monsters level 13-28. These monsters include: Zombies, Jail Guards, Hob goblins, hill giants, Al Kharid Guards. Now you will start to make some real money, but your training is going to get harder. Please keep in mind that it is a good idea to have more advanced armor than I am suggesting, the better your armor at this point the better of you are. I personally decided to fight hill giants and fortress guards in this section, purely for the easy levels, the gold may be low for fortress guards, but the exp is great. I would suggest bring food with you, especially if you fight hill giants.

    Level 46-60: Now you can start playing with the big boys. You need to have at least Mithril armor and weapons, but nothing less. Your going to want to start saving up for those Addy weapons now. The new monsters you will be fighting are much harder and will require a lot more defense. You should train on monsters level 13-45. These monsters include: Skeletons, White Knights, Hob Goblins, and skeletons, as well as the last sections creatures. These creatures can be found in Falador. These are some truly powerful creatures, and will take a lot of skill to beat, but I am confident that if u have followed my guide you will be able to beat them. I would suggest fighting hill giants. This will allow for prayer exp to be worked on much more rapidly.
    Back To Top

    High Level Training
    Level 61-80: Ok Now you are a big boy. Think you know it all, think you�re the best. Well, no just yet. You still have along ways to go. Now you should train on some high level monsters and have some very high level armor. You need to have at least Addy to handle some of these new monsters, but Rune is much better. Rune will help against monsters such as demons. Now it is safe to train on any monster from level 90 and down. You�re just that strong. Some of the new high level monsters you can handle are. Deadly Red Spiders, Ice Giants and warriors, lesser demons, and Green Dragons (members only). If you train on dragons you should probably use a fire proof shield though. I would personally suggest fighting baby dragons if you are a member. This will allow you to increase your prayer much more rapidly then before, and as you likely have discovered, pray can be very useful. Deadly Red Spiders seem to be fairly popular at this level.

    Level 81-100: Now you are really a powerful warrior, you are one of the strongest in the game. You can train on almost any monster. Now, you could easily defeat a level 90 and it is within your power to defeat a level 100. There are some wicked strong monsters at this level, but unfortunately most of them are for members only. Some of the monsters are Greater demons, fire giants, and blue dragons. Just remember on dragons, you should always have a fire proof shield, if you don�t have one you will be killed fairly easily.

    Level 101-126: Ok well I just think at this point I should be honest. There isn�t much more I can teach you. You have progressed through the stages and are now one of the top players, but you still have a long way to go to get level 126. Anyways, congrats on reaching such a high level. You are now the best there is.

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    some creatures i found that has decent xp

    1)black deamons good range xp but gets quite crowded
    2)blue dragons good range xp also gets crowded
    3)shadow warriors/knights at legends guild many of them good xp and agressive
    4)experiments u dont loose no hp or food but gets crowded very fast
    5)lesser deamons good rangeing/melee/mage xp and some safe spots
    6)bandits in the dessert good xp if u have full guthans and a zammy/saradomin item equiped

    food is needed for them all (except experiments)

    and dont listen to the other people they just mad and souless noobs wanting to bring nice people(you and me and other good people)down and hurt themselfs.good guide for people new to the game :)

    ~If You Can Fight You Belong In Dragon Fire~

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    every1 add me and tell me you read my comment lol im fun to talk to

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    P.S. I would like to add that if you are going to train, don’t look at your current experience every 2 seconds. It will just make your training feel like it is longer and more boring than it has to be.

    ~Dragon Orox~
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