RuneScape Construction Guide 1-99

Common its one of the most expensive skill and you want to fit as much xp you can with a few planks well if you need help just read along.


1-99 construction guide.

1-16: Crude Wooden Chairs

Room: parlour Supplies: 100 planks, 250 nails

Experience: 10k/hour

16-33: Repair Benches


Supplies: 260 oak planks

Experience: 30k/hour

33-74: Oak larders

Room: Kitchen

Supplies: 4888 oak planks

Experience: 60k/hour

52-99:Mahogany Tables

Room: Dining room

Supplies: 92,210

Experience: up to 500k/hour

74-99: oak doors

Room: Dungeon

Supplies: 1,303,270 oak planks

Experience: 300k/hour

So there you go can you bealve its as easy as that > well it is but it is very expensive so watch how you spend your money it could cost you 80m-200m just to get it to 1-99

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