Runescape Dragon Slayer Quest

A great dragon slayer quest walkthrough.

  • Materials: Wizard’s Mind Bomb, Silk, Lobster Pot, Unfired Bowl, 12,000gp if not a 31 Magic (magic 31+ only 2000gp), Dragonfire Shield, 3 Planks, 90 Steel Nails and a Hammer.
  • Extra: Armor and food, just in case.
  • Important: Need to be in the Champions Guild.
  • Skills: Suggest to be a level 45+.
  • Monsters: Giant Rats, Ghosts, Skeletons, Zombies, Melzar the Mad(level 43), Lesser Demon(level 82) and Elvarg the Dragon(level 83).


  1. Go to The Champions Guild and talk to guild master. He tells you to talk to Oziach who is found in west of Edgeville(The house near Edgeville’s wild).
  2. Ask Oziach about rune plate mail and the guild master told you. Ask how can you prove to be a hero and he tells about the dragon. He will give you a Maze Kay, which you need to find 3 pieces of map.
  3. Go to Lumbridge Duke Horacio and ask to give you a shield. He will give you a Dragonfire Shield.

Map 1:

Items needed: None

  1. Go to Melzar’s Maze (be sure to have the Maze Key to open the door).
  2. Kill Giant Rats until you find a red key. Use the key to open the door northwest of a corner and go up ladder.
  3. Kill Ghosts till you get an orange key. Use it for the door second from the north on the east wall.
  4. Kill Skeletons till you get a yellow key. Use to door for the southwest door.
  5. Go down 3 ladders and kill Zombies till you get a blue key. Use the key for the blue door.
  6. Kill Melzar the Mad and get Magenta Key. Use to open the next door.
  7. Kill a Lesser Demon and get a green key. Use key to open the last door and look through chest for the map piece.

Map 2:

Items needed: Wizard’s Mind Bomb, piece of Silk, Lobster Pot and an Unfired Bowl.

Where to get Items:

  • Wizard’s Mind Bomb: Falador pub for 3gp
  • Silk: Silk Seller in Al Kharid or Clothing Shop in Varrock for 3gp.
  • Lobster Pot: Port Sarim Fishing Shop for 20gp.
  • Unfired Bowl: could be crafted or bought.
  1. Go find Oracle on Ice Mountain. He tells you need Wizard’s Mind Bomb, piece of Silk, Lobster Pot and an Unfired Bowl.
  2. Once you have though items head to Dwarven Mines and down the ladder south of the mine.
  3. Head south past the mining shop near the entrance, go east and find a room with a chest inside. Open the door and open chest to find the second map.

Map 3:

Skills/ Item: Either have level 33 magic (Telekinetic Grab) or magic level 31 then use Mind Bomb or 10000gp to buy map.

  1. Go to Port Sarim Jail and find Wormbrain the Goblin.
  2. Kill him with either ranging or magic. Or buy the map for 10,000gp.
  3. If you killed him use the Telekinetic Grab to grab the map.

A Boat:

Needed to bring you to Crandor.

Items Needed: 2000gp, 3 Planks, 90 Steel Nails and a hammer.

How to get Items:

  • 3 planks: Level 19 Wilderness in northwest of the Chaos Temple or buy.

  • 90 steel nails: Could be smithed (level 34) or buy.

  • Hammer: can be bought in any general store.

  1. Go to Port Sarim and talk to Klarense who is near the boats (east of the Grocery Store).
  2. He sells his boat for 2000gp.
  3. Once you buy it you find a large hole under the ship.
  4. Get 3 Planks, 90 Steel Nails and a hammer. Use the planks to fix the hole.

The Map:

  1. Put the pieces of the map together. And head to Draynor Village to talk to Ned. Ask if he can take you to Crandor.
  2. Once he takes the map, head to the boat again and talk to Ned, then off you go to Crandor.

The Island:

  1. Head north (not coast line) passing the King Scorpions
  2. Head southwest along the coast.
  3. Head southeast past the Hobgoblins.
  4. Climb down the opening and head south to the gate.
  5. You will find Skeletons and Lesser Demons, You need to get pass them going south till you find a dead end.
  6. Push wall and go in to be headed in Karamja Volcano.

The Dragon:

Optional: Lots of food, a teleport (any), and armor.

  1. There are walls you can use to run back and forth or using range or magic.
  2. Using Stab or Crush would be the best.
  3. Armor would help.
  4. When you’re going to die use the teleport to get out of there.
  5. When you win either use teleport or go back to the ship and sail back home.


  1. 2 Quest Points.
  2. Agility to wear rune plate body.
  3. 18,650 strength XP.
  4. 18,650 defense XP.
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