RuneScape Dungeoneering Cheats

This guide will show you tips and cheats to master the skill of Dungeoneering in the MMORPG of Runescape.

I love Dungeoneering. It plays more like a mini-game than a skill, though, requiring you to use almost all of your other skills while playing. This guide assumes that you already know how to dungeoneer and only presents tips and cheats on how to master Dungeoneering. If you’ve never gone Dungeoneering before, check out the guide on the Runescape website or:  


These websites will give you a lot of info that I couldn’t fit into this guide.

1) After you open the boss door, but not opened it yet, talk to the Smuggler and he will give you tips on how to defeat the boss. If you still can’t defeat the boss, check out the top two links.

2) Be sure to customise your ring. It will give you stuff like mele bonuses, magic bonuses, etc. To customise your ring, right click it and select customise. WARNING: This is only avalible for members.

3) Be sure to bind your most valuable items, or else you will lose them when you start another dungeon. To bind an item, right click it and select bind. WARNING: You can’t bind certain items like coins or une essence. Ammo is an exception. You can bind 125 of a select ammo(runes and arrows) and bind it to you along with other weapons. You will lose a bound item if you trade the bound item, destroy the bound item, or sell the boudn item. The only way to unbind an item is to destroy it. The chart below will show you how many non-ammo items you can bind at your Dungeoneering level.

Dungeoneering level                       :  1          50           100          120

Number of items that can be bound:  1           2               3              4     

4) Note that your Dungeoneering level can go beyond level 99. It can go all the way up to level 120. You can get a Dungeoneering skill cape at level 99. The skil cape emote looks awesome  :)

5) Goldcrafting is no longer possible due to an Augest 2010 update. Goldcrafting is buying say, 1 rune essence, crafting many runes from it, and selling it back to the Smuggler to make a profit. Now, runes sell for 1 gp each.

6) You can train alot of your other skills in Daemonheim. There is a furnace, an anvil, a runecrafting altar, and more in your base room. You can buy metal bars from the Smuggler and smith them to gain smithing experience. You can also train more skills. It is highly recomended that you do NOT train runecrafting Daemonheim because you will only gain 2% of the normal xp you would outside of Daemonheim.

7) To get a water staff, buy a normal tangle gum staff from the Smuggler and runecraft it into a water staff. Select imbdue staves and craft a water staff. This requires no rune essence.

8) Be sure to complete all rooms, kill all monsters, and turn guide mode of for maximum Dungeoneering xp.

9) There are 14 resource dungeons scattered around the relam of Runescape. Entering these dungeons will give you a one time boost of various Dungeoneering xp. The entrance of these resource dungeons will be a something labeled “mysterious entrance”, with a red light coming out of it. Only 5 of these resource dungeona are available for free to play players.

10) You can use members only magic spells inside Daemonheim and you can runecraft without completing the Rune Mysteries quest (This is what happened to me).

Thanks for reading, questions/comments are appreciated.


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