RuneScape Dungeoneering Guide

The Ultimate Dungeoneering guide for beginners!

Dungeoneering is the newest skill. It has been added in April 2010 in RuneScape. It combines a variety of skills and puts your logic to the test. You will gain Dungeoneering XP by finishing dungeons under Daemonheim. Through this skill you will be able to access almost all the other game’s skills, and you will get XP for all of the skills, too!

First you will need to get to Daemonheim. There are three ways:

1. Cast Lumbridge Teleport spell and then pass over the River Lum to the east. If you already finished Prince Ali Rescue quest you can pass through the Al-Kharid Gate for free. After passing the toll gate go south and take the ship to Daemonheim.

2. If you are an invincible adventurer, then pay a visit to Daemonheim through Wilderness. Just north-east of the Lumber Mill and Varrock.

3. If you visited Daemonheim before, you will be able to use the Ring of Kinship’s ability Teleport to Daemonheim. It will teleport you in the front of Daemonheim.

The following map will show you how to reach Daemonheim for Lumbridge using the first two ways.

Now that you have reached Daemonheim speak to the Dungeoneering tutor. He will give you the Ring of Kinship (if it’s your first visit). You will require it to enter the dungeons and to teleport to Daemonheim.

You will now need to select a floor and an complexity. The higher the floor number is, the worse the monsters will be. The higher the complexity level is, the bigger the dungeon will be and more skills will be used while Dungeoneering.

Left Click on your Ring Of Kinship or Right Click and select Open Party Interface. Then Hit the button Change near Floor and select the floor you wish to play on. In the beginning you’ll only be available to play floor 1. You must have a bigger Dungeoneering level to access higher floors. Now hit the button Change near Complexity and select the complexity level you wish. In the beginning you can only play on level 1. Playing level 1 will unlock level 2 and so on until level 6. The following images should make it more clear to you:


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