RuneScape Easy Achievement Diary

This is a guide that will help you to get the explorer’s ring up to level 2.

Items Needed Include:

  1. 1 Coin
  2. Needle
  3. Thread
  4. Pick-Axe of any kind
  5. Fishing Rod and Fishing Bait
  6. Two Coal
  7. Hatchet of any kind
  8. Iron Ore
  9. Tinderbox
  10. Water Talisman or Water Tiara
  11. Rune Essence (You can have just one with you) 

Skill Requirements:

  • A Mining level of 15
  • A Fishing level of 30
  • A Smithing level of 30
  • A Rune-crafting level of 5
  • A Combat level of 20 or higher is recommended not needed


  1. Mine A iron ore At Al-Kharid. (I recommend that you star this in Al-Kharid) Once your In Al-Kharid head straight North and there should be a mining spot that looks like this: (Mine the rocks that are circled) 
  2. Now head to this spot and kill a cow there and pick up the Cowhide.
  3. Go back to Al-Kharid and Have Ellis tan your Cowhide. She will tan it for 1 Coin.
  4. Now your needle and thread come in handy, Click on your needle or right click and hit “use” and click on the leather. That task was easy.
  5. Take your fishing rod and bait to this fishing spot in Lumbridge: 
  6. Take your iron ore and go North-West to the Lumbridge furnace. Smelt a Iron Ore into and Iron Bar this may take more then one try.
  7. Next, head south to the Lumbridge swamp and go into this house: This house cannot be examined all you have to do is go into it it took me awhile to figure out. And take a Hatchet with you!
  8. While your in the Swamp use your hatchet and cut down a dead tree. Easy.
  9.  On outside South-West corner of the Lumbridge walls are some Giant Rats kill one and that task is done. Take the rat meat it is used later on!!! Also pick up more then one!!!
  10. Now take your logs from the dead tree and light a fire in the swamps and cook the rat meat.
  11. Take your Water Talisman and go to the rune-crafting site in the swamps right here: 
  12. Take your Ghost-Speak amulet and go to Father Urhney, drop your ghost-speak amulet and ask for another that task is simple.  
  13. Go to Draynor where the Old Wise Man is and go to the second floor of his house. Click on the telescope in the room and see what he is examining and that is done.
  14. Next, talk to the Old Wise Man and ask for unnecessary objects in your bank.
  15. While your in Draynor access the bank there
  16. Also while your in Draynor go to the Sewers and kill a zombie there.  
  17. Next you have to go back to the wizards Tower. Go to the floor where the lesser demon is caged and click on the wall that is separating you two that was simple. 
  18. Talk to Sedridor In the Wizard’s Tower and have him teleport you to Lumbridge
  19. Last Go to Lumbridge and talk to Bob the Battle-Axe shopekeeper and:

Now Your Done!!! Rewards:

  • Replenishes 50% run twice a day.
  • Can low alc. without runes 30 times a day.
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