RuneScape: F2P Guide to 99 Strength

In this guide I will show you the best way to get 99 strength in F2P.


This guide will help you achieve 99 strength all in F2P worlds. I do not have 99 strength, however I have a friend who does and this is how and where he trained. I am on my way to 99 strength using this method and it is very effective.

What to wear?

You must wear the best possible armor that you can wear. Try to achieve maximum strength bonus. You will also need a Rune Scimitar and a full inventory of food (depending on level) and maybe Varrock Teleports. You will also need to use the strength attacking style for your weapon (aggressive)

The Guide

Level 1 – 5

Place: Lumbridge or Lumbridge Swamp.

Monster: Goblins

Inventory: No food or Shrimp x15

Note: Train at Lumbridge killing Goblins until you reach level 5.

Level 5 – 10

Place: Lumbridge Fields (Near Al Kharid Gates)

Monster: Goblins or Cows


Inventory: Shrimp x28

Note: Continue killing Goblins or move over to Cows once you can start hitting more.

Level 10 – 25

Place: Lumbridge

Monster: Cows

Inventory: Basic food, Fish or Shrimp x28

Note: Stay at the Cows until level 25, There are other places but I find cows will work just as good.

Level 25 – 40

Place: Varrock or Barbarian Village

Monster: Palace Guards or Barbarians


Inventory: Lobsters or Tuna x28

Note: Now go to Varrock Castle (with food if needed) and kill the level 21 Guards, you will be doing a lot of training here. You can also leave at 35 if you wish but staying until 40 will give you an advantage. You can also train at Barbarian Village on Barbarians, I trained at the Guards but its a personal choice.

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