Runescape: F2p Mini-games

A small article on the F2p mini-games.

Well for f2p (non-members) there are only a few mini-games, which include: fist of guthix, clan wars, duel arena and great orb project.

Fist of guthix:

Fist of guthix is one of the most popular mini-games, in fist of guthix you can win prizes which cannot be bought and can only be won in the fist of guthix. In this game you battle with an opponent with two rounds, in the first round one can be hunted and the other will be the hunter whose job is to kill the hunted as quickly as possible while the one who is hunted needs to get as much charges as he can. In the next round the hunted one becomes the hunter and the hunter becomes the hunted, and the one with the most charges in the end wins.

Clan wars:

Clan war is a game which is a part of runescape, in which most of the players come with their teams as a clan and fight other teams. Once the fight is over nothing is lost and nothing is won, this mini game is to play just for fun or to prove which is the better clan.

Duel arena:

Duel arena is a mini-game in which a player battles with another player t prove who is better. There are two types of matches in this game: Friendly duel and stake duel, in a friendly duel nothing is lost, but in a stake duel the loser looses the amount of money that he/she staked.

Great orb Project:

This mini-game requires a rune-crafting level of 50. In this game there are two teams of yellow and green. Both the teams requires at least 2 people in each team to start a match. When the match starts several orbs appear in the game of yellow and green colors, and the job of the green team is to use their wands and attract the orbs in the altar, similarly the job of yellow team is to attract yellow orbs in the altar. There are 6 rounds for F2p in this game and 8 rounds for P2p. When the match is finished each player gets tokens according to his/her performance and you can buy rune-crafting goods from those tokens.

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    Good stuff. Very informative.
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    great and informative article on the runescape minigames!

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    Nice article! Tells all about the f2p mini-games, great job!

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    You Missed clanwars

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    to idiot: Clan Wars is the second minigame he wrote about

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