RuneScape F2P Strength Training Guide (1-99)

Detailed guide to help you reach that Skill Mastery level for Strength in Runescape. This guide covers levels one to 99.

Want to be a strength pure?, or do you just want to catch up on your strength level.. this guide will help you reach Skill Mastery 99 for your Strength skill in RuneScape.

Also, please read the applying segment completely before you start.

Start Requirements:

  • A RuneScape account, any level
  • (OPTIONAL) Access to a wieldable weapon. – A Higher Hit = More EXP

Firstly, you want to go to your combat style menu and choose a strength attack style. (Often, it would be the one on the top left, e.g Unarmed – Kick). In doing this, you will add exp to your Strength when you hit.

Levels 1 to 10:

Presumably, you have only recently started runescape at this stage, now, head over to the chicken farm in north-east Lumbridge just across from the cows, halfway to Varrock. Here, If you are unarmed, grab the axe stuck in the logs and wield it. Using the axe will let you deal more damage – and more damage is more XP. Train on the chickens and remember to pick up the feathers. Feathers, unbelieveably, is a very handy loot to keep. They stack (dont take up one inventory space for each one), and sell for ~6gp each on the Grand Exchange (often bought by fly fishers).

Upon reaching level 10, make your way to the Grand Exchange in north-west Varrock. If you haven’t already, speak to the tutor and let him explain how you use the G.E. Head to the counter and sell all your feathers (reccomended you sell for minimal price because the lower the price, the higher chance of it selling instantly). With the money, buy a wieldable weapon (recommended: Scimatar/2h) and if you want, a shield.

Levels 10 to 20:

When your done, head back towards the chicken farm, but this time, instead go to the cow field. Here, train on the cows until your level 20. The recommended loots here are Cowhides and Bones, they may not stack, but each cowhide is worth ~104gp on the G.E and each set of bones is ~80gp. Repeat the trip to the G.E if you wish and sell the bones and cowhides. If you can get a better weapon, do that too.

Levels 20 to 30:

Go to the northern town of Edgeville. North of the Barbarian Village (which is east of Varrock). Find a house full of Men and train on them. Men shouldn’t be underestimated. They may be easy kill, but they have lots of HP. Your focus is to deplete their HP for more XP. They can bear up to 32xp each. Useful for your case. The reason you want to train on them in the house north of the bank in edgeville is a) of course, its close to a bank, for your loot. and b) they spawn in mass amounts there. At 30 Str, you want to make the trip to the G.E again.

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