RuneScape F2P Woodcutting Guide (With a Secret)

Woodcutting is perhaps the most commonly trained skill in F2P. Here’s a guide to get your level up fast and make some money along the way.


1. Iron hatchet (costs about 16 gp on GE, or you can buy from Bob’s Brilliant Axes in Lumbridge)

2. Patience and dedication (There’s a lot of xp from 1-99 (13 million!), so you need to be willing to put in many hours to achieve the dream of 99 Woodcutting)

3. Explorer’s Ring 3: You don’t need this, but having it will result in faster trips, which means more money and XP.

Now to the guide. There will be 2 sections: The first will be a way to train your woodcutting fast, but you’ll give up some of the profit in the process. The second will be a way to make a lot of money on the path to 99, but will be very slow XP-wise.

Fast XP:

Levels 1-15: With the iron hatchet you bought, head over to Varrock and go to the Grand Exchange. Just south of the entrance, you’ll find many regular trees. Chop these until you have a full inventory, then go up to the GE and either sell them right away, or bank them and sell them later. At level 6, go to the GE and buy a Steel Hatchet (sell the logs you had if you need money to buy it). At level 11, you can buy a Black Hatchet, but since you’ll be using it for such a short time, and it’s expensive (around 1k), you can continue to use your Steel Hatchet until level 21. Continue chopping normal trees until level 15. Normal trees give 25 XP each, so you’ll need to chop 97 Logs until level 15.

Approximate money made from this section: 5k

Levels 15-31: Head south from where you’ve been currently woodcutting to the Varrock West Bank. Head slightly west, and you’ll see some Oak Trees. Luckily, unlike the normal trees you just chopped, oak trees (and every other tree) give multiple logs, allowing you to look at another tab while Woodcutting. You can bank these at the West bank, or make a slightly longer trip up to the GE and sell your logs there. At level 21, head up to the GE and buy a Mithril Hatchet. Continue cutting oak trees until level 31. Oak trees give 37.5 XP per log, so you’ll need to chop 332 Oak Logs until 31.

Approximate money made from this section: 25k

Levels 31-99: At level 31, head to the GE and buy an Adamant Hatchet (and a Rune Hatchet if you have the money, to save a long trip to the GE). If you’re an experienced F2P Woodcutter, you may be thinking, “Go to Draynor and chop the willows there.” Wrong! Although it is a great place to cut willows with a bank close by, that location is often very crowded, which results in willow trees going down in about 5 seconds, and very slow XP. You’ll actually be heading to Port Sarim, a short distance from Draynor Village. Just west of the wall that separates Draynor Village from Port Sarim are 4 willow trees. Get used to it, because this will be your home until 99 Woodcutting. Once you get a full inventory, head south onto the docks, and head towards the monks you see. You will find a not-very-well-known deposit box to bank your logs. This deposit box was originally made for P2P members who wanted to go to Entrana, but forgot to take their weapons and armour off. Now, it will be used by you for fast banking of your willows. After depositing, head back to the trees and continue…At level 41, you can head to the Draynor Village bank (if you bought a Rune Hatchet earlier), or to the GE (if you didn’t) and get a Rune Hatchet. Head back to the willows and keep chopping until 99. Willow trees give 67.5 XP per log, so you’ll need to chop 192,883! willow logs for level 99.

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  1. mushies-420
    Posted January 14, 2011 at 5:32 am

    hahaha that is epic on the 31-99 part.
    there are huge amounts of people at the draynor beach cutting but 0 at port sarim. and you can click the deposit box from the cutting spot!!!

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