RuneScape Farming Guide 1-99 – How to Get 99 Farming in RuneScape

This is a really simple Farming guide, easy to follow and perfect for those who would like to get 99 farming in Runescape.

Farming in Runescape is often a “misunderstood” skill, many people don’t even train it because either, they don’t have interest on Farming or they simply don’t know how to train it, I include myself in the last reason, i didn’t train farming for several years because i didn’t know how, i also didn’t knew the AMAZING rewards i could get off this skill, nowadays i am 97 Farming and i’ve discovered that im making money easily and enjoying it, i’ve found out that Farming is perhaps one of the most useful skills in Runescape, so bear with me and get ready for this guide, because you’ll get 99 Framing in no time!.

Runescape Farming Guide 1-99.

So, what is farming?.

Farming is a skill were you basically plant herbs, flowers, trees, etc… They grow and you harvest them. Simple enough.

Can you make money off farming?


How to start farming?.

Ahhh, yes, the Million Dollar question, well guys in here i’ll post a “1-99″ method guide, as what to Farm, plain and simple, below that i’ll post some useful videos that will show you how to perform these methods, so lets get into it shall we?

Note that for a more detailed farming guide, check the videos down below, this is a brief Trees guide!.


1-27: I’d recommend planting what ever you can at these levels, these are fairly easy to achieve so you shouldn’t have problems with this, i’d also recommend completing quests since these levels are just plain and there isn’t much variety.

27-31: Plant Apple Trees and Oak trees.

31-39: Plant Willow Trees and Banana Trees.

39-51: Plant Willow trees, Orange Trees and Curry Trees and Maple Trees, do the ones that best fit you.

51-57: Plant Maple Trees and Pineapple Trees.

58-72:Plant Maple Trees, Papaya Trees and Yew Trees.

73-79: Keep planting those Trees and  now you’ll be able to plant “The calquat Tree”, this Tree gives you 12.5k Experience per Tree so it’s advised to do these as well.

80-99: Now you can plant Dwarf Weeds, these are cheap and you make a nice profit off them, i planted these all the way to 97 farming because i needed the money, however if what you want is to get 99 Farming i’d suggest to keep planting trees along with Herbs.

Runescape 99 Farming Guide (s).

Here i’ll post useful guide that i’ve used!, i’ll post the basic guides, the herb run guides, tree gudies, etc…

Please note that i am not the author of any of these guides!.

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